MSNBC Spins ACORN Story … and lack of coverage – Update- ABC too

Ahhh … if only spinning was this easy at the gym. Norah O’Donnell on the morning Joe takes on the unenviable task of explainning why the President’s favortie community organization is under fire, and why NBC hasn’t touched the story until now.

I love this ….. “ACORN helps poor people get homes … and she was trying to explain to them, even though they were a pimp and a prostitute, how they could put it down on tax forms so they could get a house.” Actually no, Norah … the video shows they were aiding and abetting a couple trying to set up an underage illegal prostitution ring and avoid legal scrutiny by falsifying IRS forms.  There are other gems in this little gym exercise but you have to watch.


Two more points … Republicans didn’t accuse ACORN of voter registratioin fraud during the election … the Feds did … and continue to do so. Go to Michelle for more.

I also like the fact that Mika thinks NBC should cover this. “It;’s an interest story.” Actually no Mika, it was interesting a week ago. Charges of murder and prostitution put it way past interesting.

Update: I forgot to add this. Michelle has the audio of the day from ABC’s Charlie Gibson :

Gibson: HAHAHAHAHA. HEHEHE. I didn’t even know about it. Um. So, you’ve got me at a loss. I don’t know. Uh. Uh. But my goodness, if it’s got everything including sleaziness in it, we should talk about it this morning.

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Jim Vicevich

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  1. Lazybum on September 15, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    I just wathced a fox dance on the head of a pin. It was painful.

    It reminded me of the old 60 Minutes, except they did not have to set fireworks under the gas tank to get it to explode!


  2. phil on September 16, 2009 at 4:54 am

    Watching the California bit on Glenn Beck last night, I noticed numbers at the corners of the screen.  Lower left numbers looked like the date.  Month and day eludes me this morning, but year ? was 2005.  Anyone got an explanation?

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