Mr President … You’re Just Too Nice

ABC News’ Terry Moran gets his one on one with the President and poses the question… “Ya know Mr President … maybe you were just too nice with those raskawy Republicans. Ummm … this is reporting


Thanks to Ace for pointing this out. There’s more at Newsbusters.

I was a reporter for more than 20 years, covering a beat that required access to some of the toughest CEOs in the country. I could not afford to really get on their bad side, but I also knew I had a job to do and I cannot imagine posing a question like this … or at least in this way. But then, that’s just me.

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  1. emgee
    emgee says:


    You would not have asked that kind of question because you were a real journalist.? Terry Moran is not a credible journalist and the only “news” at ABC News is in it’s name.? The entire operation is a political advocacy group…just look at it’s ratings.

  2. GaryInSoGlast
    GaryInSoGlast says:

    It’s not bad enough that the liberals are now running the ship called America into a ice burg called socialism. ?We also have a willing press with a tug boat helping them. ?Oh what a world.

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