Moving day for the Stonington Hawk

Just something about this doesn’t seem right. The red tail hawk might have been a nuisance, attacking cars, kids, women and iPods … but couldn’t we have tried soft diplomacy first. Maybe a bow might have helped. Maybe a new leader who could reach across the isle. Oh well. H/T Capitolreport.

Town workers today removed the nest of a hawk that was believed to have been attacking residents of Carriage Drive.

Late this morning animal control officers Rae-Jean Davis and Tanya Wescovich, with the assistance of Old Mystic firefighters and their ladder truck, destroyed the nest of a red-tailed hawk that has been attacking people along Carriage Drive.

The two animal control officers donned riot helmets and thick gloves in case the aggressive hawk tried to attack them as they removed branches and leaves that made up the large nest.

Beep, beep, beep. Click here to see the original story.

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  1. Law-AbidingCitizen
    Law-AbidingCitizen says:

    Wow! De ja vous, all over again. I thought that these birds were protected — as in don't mess with them, period. Have the upscale yuppies tried "peaceful coexistence?" But no! These people KNOW ALL and once again go against nature. What happens when the hawk rebuilds the nest or makes a new one in the same area. He, or she,  needs the nest to attract a mate! Am I the only one who read "Red-Tails In Love" where New Yorkers (!) near the Central Park area EMBRACED their Hawks and ENCOURAGED the birds to nest.

    DUH!!! Let nature take its course, but NO! Yuppies are inconvenienced by some bird: Solution, get rid of the offending bird. So, the short-sighted win again for a while.

    Where is the Audubon Society? What if these yuppies misidentified the bird and it is another raptor, say a golden eagle (rare for here) or, gasp, a bald eagle? (Neither would give that area a second look as a potential nesting area, really.)

    You know what? Bump them, they don't deserve to have a magnificent bird of prey living anywhere near them. They deserve to live in their perfect ordered world of rider mowers, lawn fertilizers-pesticides-herbicides, 2.5 children, the latest and greatest SUV, a luxury car for dad (Benz, Audi, Infinity, etc.) and their Ward and June Cleaver perfect fantasy world! It's people like that that give otherwise educated people a bad name.

    UGH!!! Once again, Nature gets the boot, and suburbia is tranquil (for a while) once again. (Maybe the hawk re-conned the area for a good hunting area with plentiful food:  snakes, mice, rats, etc., to raise a family. But no, these people think they  know best.) NOT!

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