More union thugs…this time at Verizon

Those of you who live in the Northeast know that Verizon’s union employees went on strike last Sunday.  I am not familiar with the details of the contract dispute, but will assume that both labor and management have valid points. 

However, what we are seeing from some of those union employees is despicable.  This from today’s Boston Globe:

[h]e was just trying to deliver their last round of paychecks when an angry group of striking Verizon workers surrounded his truck as he attempted to cross a picket line yesterday morning. 

Holding signs and blowing air horns, they screamed profanities and insults. Then they blocked his vehicle and swarmed the windows.

‘You can deal with the name calling, you can deal with the picket lines, but it’s crazy when they’re an inch from your face screaming that they’re going to kill you and your family,’ said the Verizon manager, who refused to provide his name in fear of retaliation. [emphasis supplied]

If you would like to see the “fine” example set by supposed adults, click on the video from the above link.

These “adults” have also taken a hacksaw to copper wires cutting service to 1200 customers in Easton, Massachusetts, and destroyed fiber wires that provide telephone, internet and cable service to customers in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.  In Quincy, Massachusetts, a customer who was just trying to get her phone repaired, was surprised to find a group of 10 or more picketers outside her home, surrounding a Verizon repair truck.

Yesterday, Verizon obtained a temporary restraining order against IBEW Locals 2222, 2321 and 2322, and is seeking a permanent injunction today.  Verizon has also obtained court orders in Pennsylvania, and Delaware, and is awaiting an order from a New Jersey court.

Whatever the dispute, the union is not likely to receive a great deal of sympathy from the general public if this conduct continues.  Nor, will they receive much support when they return to work (as they ultimately will) from those managers who they are trying to intimidate.  One manager,

said he plans to have supervisors focus more intensely on the performance of [the more caustic] union members and look for a reason to terminate them.  ‘I will make their life a living hell like they made mine’.

I don’t have a problem with peaceful union pickets at Verizon’s places of business.  But when violence, intimidation, and destruction of other’s property is employed, it is a far different story.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The unions need to be billed for any and all damages.? Maybe triple damages.? They have plenty of money for politicians.
    It is one thing to go on strike, yet another to become vandal and thugs.? That’s criminal.

  2. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    ?Just another company who has realized their pension plan is unsustainable. The union will only cost its members their jobs. Very soon the employees will demand a vote t0 go back to work.? The longer they stay out the fewer jobs will be waiting for them.

  3. Eric
    Eric says:

    I’ve come full circle on Unions in this country. ?To begin with, I frankly don’t see a need for them. ?We have excellent government over site in this country where the workplace is concerned. ?Most of these unions have turned into extortionist cartels anyway. ?They are no longer satisfied with fairness… nope, they want everything that they can possibly squeeze out of an employer, and then just a bit more. ?They’ve allowed so many manufacturing jobs to leave the country due to their greediness… and they expect the American people to stand squarely behind them. ?I believe their ‘free ride’ is finally coming to an end. ?At lead I hope it is!?

  4. Murphy
    Murphy says:

    Time for a new zombieland movie. We need an enterprising soul who can take the clips of the past couple of years of union and acorn backed violence and tie them together in one movie.

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