More than 50% there. Update: 100% there.

Update: The show was taped on Thursday, and while he told Fox 61 he would not announce Sunday, he must have had a change of heart.  As of 10:35 Sunday night … the Courant is reporting that the AP is reporting that Simmons decided to jump into the race … apparently while watching the show? 

WASHINGTON – Former Republican Rep. Rob Simmons said Sunday that he plans to run against Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd.

Simmons said he made the decision to join the race after talking with relatives.

“The family had a long meeting today and was unanimous that I run,” he said in an e-mail message to The Associated Press. “So I am running.”

(Hat Tip – Rick in WH) We now return you to this Sunday morning’s post:

Former 2nd District Congressman and CIA intelligence officer Rob Simmons tells Fox 61’s Shelly Sindland he’s more than 50% there in terms of deciding whether he will run for Senate in Connecticut. That’s more than anyone has gotten from Simmons so far … and unless there’s some strange turn of events, it sounds like he’s in. Listen for yourself then you decide.


OK … credit where credit is due. Sindland wouldn’t let him off the hook and she didn’ t badger … she knew what buttons to push and drew him out and she got an answer. The Q poll question I think was the key to the interview and got the answer. Quinnipiac has Simmons up 43% to 42% in a blue state, an indication of respect for a man like Simmons as it is Dodd’s troubles. Could Dodd’s home in Ireland been the tipping point?


Rob Simmons actually nails why Dodd’s numbers are down and why ulitmately Dodd is in trouble … and it ain’t just the mortgages.



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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Simmons was excellent this morning.  Too bad it was followed up by the Dodd apologist, Blumenthal.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    It must have been Blumenthal's weasely defense of Dodd's weasely defense.

    (again, sorry about that weasels!)

  3. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Peter Schiff who.  He who waits is lost.

    I am glad that someone jumped in NOW!.  There is a kettle of boiling water, supersized for Dodd.  I want Simmons to bird dog everything Dodd says or does and to second guess The Floater every time he goes on camera.  With an announced candidate, the press will cover Simmons and Simmons has enough congressional campaign experience to not get Ned Lamonted in the glare.

    Dodd hasn't had any real pressure while running in past elections here in CT. 

    All together now…..1……2…….3……DUMP DODD

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