More proof Democrats let financial crisis happen

For those of you not paying attention, during the past 72 hours the financial crisis has been clearly explained more than a few times, and now the main stream media is catching up. Jim Angle – Fox News contributor – has a great video report that sums up the crisis again. The truth will be told.

Jim Vicevich covered this tonight, Hot Air is on top of it too.

Malkin is covering the FBI getting involved, and Gingrich is calling to kill the bailout bill.

Don’t forget to review my post yesterday, which links to Kevin Hassett’s commentary on that is simple and clear for all to understand.

There is no excuse for you to fade off on this subject, thinking it is too hard for you to understand. Especially if you’re considering voting for Democrats this election season.

Get out and vote – put conservative Republicans back in power.

Quick note: commenter lynda over at Vicevich’s show tonight had a good one. “Jim Angel better have someone taste his food from now on.”

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  1. Babs on September 24, 2008 at 11:26 am

    Politics. How I wish I never cared ! Why get involved with something so full of corruption , so competitive, so unpredictable, so dangerous ? A sport between two unorganized organizations who bitterly detest each other’s rules, unwilling to compromise, only one side wins, the other side never loses graciously . In the end, there is still no winner. Why get involved in a game where nobody wins ? This election has been beyond corrupt , unpredictable !!! The Republican Party blemished by a viral hatred towards President Bush, the nominee was almost certain to lose. The Democrat Party chose an unknown, radical left wing liberal who is unsuitable to work in the White House’s kitchen yet alone be our American President . The right wing wants the country to be run their way. The left wing wants the country to be run their way. The right fears the left agenda. The left fears the right agenda. Never a compromise between the two. Just a bunch of grumpy, arguing ,immature, power hungry men and women Who are suppose to represent the people that voted them into their jobs . Nothing gets done, everything is chaotic , nobody is happy . Why get involved in politics? Why bother ? Why care ? Personally this election year has driven me close to insanity yet I can’t enough . It is a ‘Gotcha game’, scoring points ….winning the day . I am so angry at the left for subjecting our country to Barrack Hussein Obama . Just typing out his name is a major clue that this man is wrong for our country. He gave his flock a good speech and that was the beginning of their saviors coronation. He was the chosen one , he could do no wrong, if he had committed murder they still would have backed him . The MSM backed him also and from that moment the media wars began to erupt . Barack Hussein Osama’s past and present deeds and judgment went unquestioned . His relationship with terrorist and radical American hating associates were ignored . This man sat in a church that spew hatred against white people and America for 20 years . The media does not care, nope, he is their guy no matter what . How dare they push this monster on America . How dare they assume American’s are just suppose to sit back ,do nothing, say nothing and accept him as our President. They make me sick, there is nothing I detest more than a breathing liberal . In my heart this evil man cannot win, my heart tells me that the American people will be sensible and do what is right on election day and vote for a man who loves America, John McCain . My heart tells me the people in this wonderful country will not fall for the nonsense , lying words this Barack Hussein Obama has spewed for over a year. Somehow the people of America have to be more intelligent that this man would like to believe they are .My heart cannot imagine him being our President . My mind tells me a mistake could very well be made ,that the American people are being played for fools .That the people in this country never bothered to research Barack Hussein Obama to find out who he is and where he has been and what he will do to our country . Be very afraid American’s. This man is not what America needs. Along with John McCain is his Vice Presidential choice, Sarah Palin who became a bright star in the Republican party offering a freshness and innocent portrait of unique style and passion . Together John McCain and Sarah Palin can change the way politics is played in Washington ,DC . Please do not vote for Barack Hussein Obama , please vote for John McCain, a true American hero who loves America and will do everything to make all the wrongs right again, to fix what is broke ,to mend the mistakes, the ills and untouched . Please do not elect Barack Hussein Obama who will weaken our military and turn a blind eye to future terrorist attacks on our homeland . Our country is at risk , Islamic Jihad is alive and well and they are planning to harm us again, they will destroy us if they can . They have not given up ,they will never walk away from their evil mission to attack America sadistically and viciously . Please vote for John McCain who understands this evil and dangerous threat to our country and who will react with force to keep the terrorist from destroying our country and everything we stand for . I hope, wish and pray that on election day morning before every thinking and caring and reasonably intelligent American goes to cast their vote that they will do the right thing and vote for John McCain. Prev: Poppin' in …

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