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Popularity down … investigation continues … press coverage … rising? People are starting to finally make the connection that Dodd’s failure is more than ethical.

For the first time in his Senate career, Christopher J. Dodd, the senior Democratic senator from Connecticut, is politically vulnerable. In part, that’s because both the Senate Ethics Committee and the Public Integrity unit of the Justice Department are looking into mortgage loans he got from Countrywide Financial. The Justice Department investigation is broader. It seeks details not just of Dodd’s loans but also of other loans made under Countrywide’s VIP program ….

It’s not exactly the toughest article on Dodd but worth reading from The Day. But it’s not the only article. This is from The Advocate in Stamford.

After writing stories about the turkey that menaced people at Greenwich Point, how about calling to account our congressional turkey – Chris Dodd. Our senator is chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, and along with Barney Frank in the House of Representatives, he is responsible for overseeing our banking system.

The Senate Banking Chairman is at the heart of the heart of the current financial crisis. As a member of the Senate Banking Committee and then as it’s chairman people are finally beginning to ask not just why he didn’t do something to stop the Fannie Mae melt down, but in fact did he enable it by coddling the sub prime darling of the Democrats.

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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Does anybody think that a "Blue" state Senator will have to answer the tough questions. I do not think so.

    Dodd is a Senator in a party majority state that struggles to find it's own identity. CT is so insignificant that the MSM's will gloss over the VIP loan arrangement for Dodd as a meaningless arrangement. An in state "investigation" will never gain traction as Dodd has a position of power in the Senate. The only National Attention that CT gets is through it's two Senate Seats.

    In looking forward, the GOP does not have a well known person who would be able to mount a serious challenge. We are stuck with Dodd until he assumes room temperature.

    Nancy Johnson, nope.
    Jodi Rell, nope
    Ned Lamont, god no…we won the war
    John Rowland, nope
    Chris Shays…..hhmmmm

  2. Bill
    Bill says:

    Of the 535 congress-critters now parasitically in office, what percentage are under criminal, tax, or ethical investigation, or have been convicted? The answer should be zero.

    I wonder how that percentage compares with the general population? Is it any wonder we've lost faith in our political institutions?

  3. scott
    scott says:

    His total lack of acknowledgment that he has done anything wrong has made me loose all respect for the man. His arrogance that he is not at any kind of fault for this banking fiasco is beyond believe. Then he has the nerve to ask the CEO of GM to resign. You couldn't right a better script for this B horror/comedy movie.

  4. s1c
    s1c says:

    The question isn't whether he has to go, it is who replaces him? The GOP has nothing, nada, zippo, no one on the radar to replace the guy. Unless the GOP can get a decent candidate he will win re election in a walk

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Arrogant, unrepentant, and, thanks to an effectively one party state filled with Democrat voters that just don't give flying fig, unreplaceable (not irreplaceable, which would imply that he had some actual worth as a politician).

    "Culture of corruption" indeed. Given the sight of him bloviating about the current economic conditions and pointing the finger everywhere except back at himself (and Frank), the stench of hypocrisy clings to the Democrat party.

    Or should I start calling it the "Hypocrat" party?

  6. Phil Weinmann
    Phil Weinmann says:

    Just one more reason why 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' should be on every ballot. And when NOTA wins, (Gets my vote!) new candidates, new election. After 4 or 5 tries, we might get a candidate worth voting for, not against.

  7. Rick - WH
    Rick - WH says:

    Please, no more Dodd! Can't we just send him away to prison now? He has never represented my interests in Washington and never will!

    We need to identify possible candidates NOW and get them known statewide. The abuses of power by Dodd over his lifelong career in Congress and the Senate must be told to the voters of Connecticut – again and again.

    Election day 2010 will be here before we know it. The so-called Republican Party is flat footed and needs a good kick in the butt to get moving on this – if they want to get him out.

    Maybe that's it, they don't.

  8. Steve
    Steve says:

    Maybe the good people of Connecticut will finally wake up and vote a few of these clowns out. These idiots have put this country into a very vulnerable position and we, the people, need to make some changes. I feel that if you are an incumbent that you should go.

  9. eb
    eb says:

    its frightening that the idiot dems have taken the time to write a letter to joe l(our only honest u.s. senator) because he hurt their feelings. meanwhile the authors of said letter sould look at their dwindiling retirement plans and write a letter to c-countrywide dodd, demanding his resignation from the banking committee at a minimum! his performance combined with his arrogance is sickening! dems and the hartford courant are somehow oblivious. this man is complicate in bringing down the us economy,and all the heartache to go along. to stand by this guy is beyond hyperpartisonship, its just plain wrong

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