Miss me yet? The United States Constitution

I was SO thinking about this exact idea last night when I went to bed. The “Miss me yet?” billboard gave me a slight chuckle, but for conservatives and libertarians, President George W. Bush is not exactly who – or what – they are missing. I refer you to our Founding Fathers…

The Photoshop is courtesy The Humble Libertarian, with a hat tip to Malkin, who ALSO reminds us in the eyes of conservatives and libertarians, Bush was OK, but certainly not 100 percent behind the Founding Father’s document himself.

Note: I think it’s official, Photoshopped is now a verb. Sorry about that Adobe, but some stuff you just can’t stop.

Here’s the first five on Michelle’s list of nine and I’ll add one more that stood out in my mind near the beginning of his first term. Head over to Michelle Malkin’s site for the rest of her list.

  1. joined with open-borders progressives McCain and Kennedy to try to force shamnesty down our throats;
  2. massively expanded the federal role in education;
  3. championed the Medicare prescription drug entitlement using phony math;
  4. kowtowed to the jihadi-enabling Saudis;
  5. stocked DHS with incompetents and cronies;

And number 10 to round out Malkin’s list?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Bush never abandoned our allies, especially on dates that are particularly significant to them (see missile shield in Poland and Czech Republic on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland).


    Even I can't believe that he is that ignorant of history, but I am coming around…

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