Miracle On 48th Street

A US Air  is forced to make a landing in the Hudson River … A320 headed for Charlotte. 150 Passengers reportedly all got off safely. One is Jeff from Norwalk, Connecticut. He’s interviewed here by Fox News. If you know who this might be … please send me a message through the contact page. All we know is he’s married with a new baby. Mom … Dad is OK.  “It’s a miracle!” Please go the Fox news to learn more. Thank You.


Here’s an interview Fox’s Neil Cavuto conducted with Bill White, the President of the Intrepid Museum. I post this only so you can hear from an eyewitness what a great job NYC emergency personnel do.


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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Truly this is a MIRACLE. God and His angels were with all on that airplane and with the first responders.

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