Mike Pence: This is your moment

“This is your moment. Now is your time. Let your voice be heard”.

That’s Congressman Mike Pence in a stirring video. Please take a moment to watch this. Thanks so much to Gateway for the link. Please take a moment to visit Jim’s site today.


“The time has come for those who still cherish our ideals, the ideals of our founding, life, liberty and pursuit of the American dream to arise.” Indeed

I am for reforming the health care system. But turning our health care over to bureaucrats is not reform and it is not liberating. It is just the opposite. It is more of the same. No it is worse. Far better to turn insurance companies back into insurance companies, indemnifying Americans against catestrophic loss and putting individuals back in charge of their health care, shopping for doctors, hospitals and allied services based on quality and cost. Forcing insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, clinics to compete for our services.

But we are not without compassion. We must care for those who, even in the best of times, have trouble meeting even the simplest bills. The Democrats themselves put this number at less than 10 million. Let us, as a compassionate society, and responsible Americans, address these things first. We do this by first taking charge of our own lives, and not abdicating that responsibility to bureaucrats in Washington.