Memorial Day Open Post-UPDATE Video

Leave your Memorial Day comments and stories here. Time to remember the fallen folks. Never forget, Sgt. Felix DelGreco Jr (CTANG), LCPL Lawrence Philippon (USMC), and all of the others who died so that we may live free. You may insert links to your family and friends memorials as well.

I also want to make special note of my Dad, Lt AP Vicevich (USN) and my step Dad, Lt Lou Guyott (USMC), both served in the South Pacific during WW II, and both have since passed. God Bless.

Leave your comments, or if you like ,remembrances below.

UPDATE: I’ve also added video of the annual Memorial Day ceremony at the home of two Iraq War Vets, and longtime friends, Chief John Weaver (AVCRAD 1109th) and Sgt Melissa Weaver (143rd MP Co) … the annual party invites members of the Guard, family and friends … and this year the ceremony includes the awarding of a flag to the oldest vet at the party, a member of the merchant marine.

This is how Memorial Day should be remembered. If you want to skip the poem I read, the gun salute and taps begin at 1:30.


UPDATE 2: Please go to Hot Air to see this picture which says it all about Memorial Day. Please.

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  1. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    For Uncle Mil Arsenault who fought both at Pearl Harbor & Iwo Jima as a marine…lost a wonderful WWII vet and MAN two years ago and he will forever be missed by those who knew him.  Rest in Peace and thank you for your service to our wonderful, FREE country!

  2. Delta
    Delta says:

    For Spc. Randy "randymonki" Pickering, who was part of an old circle of people I knew years ago online, he was killed by a roadside bomb on Dec. 9th, 2007 while serving in Iraq. He was a talented artist who drew comics and cartoons online. I did not know him as well as some of my other friends, but I honor his life and service to our country all the same.

    I also honor the present service of my friend, (hopefully soon to be Staff Sgt.) Ben Hilliard USMC who served two tours in Iraq and my girlfriend's father, 1st Sgt. William Wright CTANG, who is currently serving in Afghanistan.


  3. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    I want to remember my father, Vincent E. Volowski, who had served in the Coast Guards during WW 2, on the ship, the Ambrose. My father has gone on to work for Pratt and Whitney and it has been 11 years since he had passed at the age of 76. Every Memorial Day I think about him, since he also had passed on May 5th, 1999 as well.

    I want to THANK all the members of the Volowski,(father's side),Charlout,(mother's side), including BIL Royce Marshell who had served in Vietnam in the Air Force, with the rest of my family relations who have served, living and decessed.

    PLEASE keep in your prayers, Richard LeBranc, VT National Guard, my Nephew In Law who is at present during military duty in Afganistan. Had talked to his wife, my youngest neice, Christine, who lives at present up in VT. He and a group of other Army NG took out 6 milantants in Afghanistan. It is very dangerous over there. Thank-you Jim and Steve, plus RVO posting/chatting community. God Bless  each of you and America.

  4. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Hi Jim:

    PS: I want to also THANK both your father Lt AP Vicevich (USN and step-father for Lt Lou Guyott (USMC) their service to country as well as both Sargent Felix DelGreco Jr. and LCPL Lawrence Philippon as well, the last two, having given their ALL.

  5. LH321P
    LH321P says:

    Thank you to all vets who have kept us safe and free.

    Last nite CPTV broadcast a very moving rememberance

    of fallen heros and the the widows they left behind.

    God plese Bless all veterans.

  6. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    Was listening to NPR (88.5 FM) on Friday morning…  Heard Liane Hansen speaking about Memorial Day and its significance to her…  I had to laugh by the end of her little editorial because I heard no mention of troops or veterans.  For her, Memorial Days were spent on the beach, and that's where she plans to spend her retirement after 20 odd years on NPR…  As much as she appreciates her Memorial Days spent on the beach, she ought to espouse some appreciation for all of the folks who won't be lazing on the beach with her today.  So much for diversity- have they met any hiring quotas for veterans on the  NPR team?

  7. samsson
    samsson says:

    As a Vietnam vet (a real one) I want to thank the gov for a long overdo acknowledgment of our service.

  8. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    PS:PS: Also I want to THANK all the people who either call Jim on his radio show,post over on his blog,and go to the chatroom who HAVE SERVED or ARE SERVING AS WELL. Thank-you Jim and Steve for letting me do this last shout out! :)=^..^=

  9. genniem
    genniem says:

    For the 23rd Battalion Navy Seabees  My dad was proud to be a Seabee and I was honored to join him on many reunion trips  .   Thank you to those who served and to those serving now including my sister Freedom is not free


  10. Rick-WH
    Rick-WH says:

    To all those who have given their lives for our country  including their families and friends – to make it and keep our country the unique place that it is….and must always be.  Was a great honor to march inthe West Hartford Memorial Day Parade today – with thousands of others and many thousands along the route.  Our group of West Hartford Special Olympics athletes, coaches and parents – followed behind many groups of veterans – as well as the 143rd MP company.   This still is the best country in the world!  There is no place else that I would rather be!

  11. eric c
    eric c says:

    Thanks to my father who did not rush out to enlist after Pearl Harbor.; he knew his time to serve would come. In 1941 he enlisted in the navy and served on the USS Woolsey ( The Grey Ghost of the African Coast) doing his small part in a big war. When the war ended he never sent for any of the medals he earned, he didn't care for the acknowlegement of his duty.His only wish was to serve and move on with life.

    A special thanks to John Pardus who gave his life in Anzio in service to this country.

  12. Texas-ex1977
    Texas-ex1977 says:

    I can post thank you for serving to the many, many generations of veterans on BOTH sides of OUR family who fought and still continue to fight for OUR country.  As private people, I choose NOT to post names, however from the bottom of my heart, I want to graciously remind  everyone that it IS NOT the ACLU, nor the Liberal collee Professors  and certainly NOT the "STREET" Organizers  who gave us our gift of FREEDOM, but the brave men and women of our ARMED FORCES . THANK YOU ALL!  Generations past and present!

    Especially to my nephews…


    Aunt TEX

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