Inconvenient facts: what is the real difference in violent crime between the U.S. and Great Britain?

By Dimsdale | January 9, 2013 |

Piers Morgan has been peddling his mantra of the U.S. being the “wild west” in terms of gun violence, and continues to make the point that the U.S. has a relatively high number of gun related deaths compared to Great Britain (GB).  In literal numbers, yes, the U.S., with its Second Amendment, and roughly six…

Calling out WTIC’s John Rowland on a 30-round magazine ban

By Steve McGough | January 9, 2013 |

The title of this post may sound a bit harsh, but I don’t mean it to be. I’m trying to ensure this post gets noticed and might result in a written response from the former Connecticut governor concerning his opinion on 30-round, and other high-capacity magazines for rifles and pistols.

Obligatory: VP Joe “Feel My Touch” Biden welcomes new senators

By Steve McGough | January 4, 2013 |

Vice President Joe Biden certainly took a hands-on approach to his duties while he met senators during a mock swearing-in photo shoot yesterday. Joe will be Joe, and we can be pretty certain Binden has met most of these people before, but you have to love the occasional awkward moment. One anchor on the Today…

Law enforcement AR-15s referred to as “patrol rifles” – not assault weapons – in media

By Steve McGough | January 3, 2013 |

I found this interesting. When the media refers to rifles used by law enforcement during a shooting event, they reference the standard AR-15 semi-automatic rifle as a “patrol rifle” rather than an “assault weapon.”

You thought gun control activists were reasonable?

By Steve McGough | January 2, 2013 |

Well, maybe some of them are, but there are crocks out there who think the NRA should be declared a terrorist organization and membership outlawed.

Photo taken of Zimmerman finally released by law enforcement

By Steve McGough | December 4, 2012 |

Certainly we can discuss if George Zimmerman should have gotten out of his car and followed Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. in late February, but that seems to be the only thing prosecutors can even try to hold against Zimmerman in their Murder 2 charge.

Bob Costas backpedals on gun control through a spokesman

By Steve McGough | December 4, 2012 |

I’m pretty certain the next thing we will hear from Bob Costas’ spokesman is that he has received death threats*. Late yesterday afternoon, we heard from a spokesman that Costas really did not say what we all heard him say.

Must see TV: Andrea Mitchell once again proving that she is thoroughly outclassed by John Sununu

By Dimsdale | October 5, 2012 |

I watched this clip of Mitchell vs. Sununu in a post debate interview on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and was laughing out loud at the way Sununu figuratively (a good word for Biden to add to his 500 word vocabulary) beat her over the head with every one of her Democrat talking point based questions.   It…

Andrea Mitchell blows the dog whistle

By Dimsdale | September 25, 2012 |

I came across this clip in another site, and was struck by the tone/purpose of Andrea Mitchell in her questions/statements about Romney’s secretly recorded speech to donors to John Sununu, Romney’s senior adviser to the campaign. I don’t have a problem with what Romney said in the now “infamous” secret tape (except for Mother Jones’…

UCONN Hartford Courant poll has Obama up by 21% in Connecticut

By Steve McGough | September 20, 2012 |

It’s not surprising to me that President Obama will win re-election in Connecticut, but I just want to remind people the polls mean absolutely nothing … the only poll that matters is election day.