Michael Savage totally wrong on Zimmerman case facts

By Steve McGough | July 4, 2013 |

Some of you may be fans of radio host Michael Savage, but I can’t let his totally incorrect information concerning the facts about George Zimmerman’s firearm – a Kel-Tec PF-9 – stand.

Weather is not getting more extreme

By Steve McGough | June 24, 2013 |

Years ago when the global warming team realized the globe was not warming, they made a dedicated and complete marketing campaign change. They changed their tag line from global warming to climate change. Again, this was a marketing decision. Instead of heating up, the world would experience more extreme weather. Not even that is happening.

NYC legislation does not forbid cops from transmitting description of subjects

By Steve McGough | June 21, 2013 |

In the real world, people actually take a few minutes to review proposed legislation instead of blindly accepting the opinion of someone else – and broadcasting that third-party description on your TV program. I guess Bill O’Reilly does not live in the real world.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer makes assumptions again in Moore, Okla.

By Steve McGough | May 22, 2013 |

By request since everyone is asking for it!

The media and the new pope: a study in contrasts, or a study in hypocrisy?

By Dimsdale | March 21, 2013 |

After the media’s breathless run up to the election of Pope Francis, it seems that they taken upon themselves the task of scrutinizing his past.  They are examining everything from his childhood, his education, his role in resisting the Argentinian military dictatorship’s “Dirty War” back in the late seventies through early eighties.  One story from the…

Media can’t get anything right when it comes to firearms

By Steve McGough | February 16, 2013 |

Why do I keep demanding retractions and corrections from media outlets? I’m giving up, they won’t listen and even if they do correct the error they make the exact same error in the future. Journalists don’t know everything, editors are supposed to know more, but the profession is being dumbed-down day-by-day.

Nothing to see here: Obama CIA drone strikes in Middle East

By Steve McGough | February 6, 2013 |

Where are all the protests? Oh yeah, this is an Obama World where the current administration is not bothered by the media or liberal protest outfits as they continue or greatly expand policies of past administrations that were highly ridiculed at the time.

NBC Today talking heads freak out about law enforcement message

By Steve McGough | February 4, 2013 |

A recent radio ad from Milwaukee Counties Sheriff David Clarke suggests people should not depend on law enforcement to be there right when you might need them. The NBC Today show freaked out a bit concerning the suggestion to arm yourself.

Obama a skeet shooter? Not so much

By Steve McGough | January 31, 2013 |

When President Obama was said “we do skeet shooting all the time,” there was skepticism across the board from just about everyone. Why won’t the Executive Branch just suck it up, come out and let the American public know Obama tried it once and did not like it?

Ben Shapiro takes on Piers Morgan on gun control (Full Video)

By Steve McGough | January 11, 2013 |

Last night, Ben Shapiro – editor-at-large of of the group – took on CNN’s Piers Morgan on the gun control issue. Morgan really is a bully, refusing to have any sort of meaningful discussion with Shapiro, but that was not unexpected. I have not seen Shapiro in this type of role before, and I…