Matthews to Wall Street: No money unless you can explain why you have it

First, I am sure this is my last Matthews post for a while. Well I am pretty sure.

But, I … well I just could not stop laughing. Chris Matthews and guests Pat Buchanan and Ron Brownstein kick Wall Street around (deserved) but then demean the entire system. Paraphrasing now but it boils down to … these guys on Wall Street produce nothing … and thus deserve nothing.

Oh, and stick around long enough for the Matthews, Brownstein hypocracy hit … they love the money we make on Wall Street … just not the people who make it happen. Perfect view from the left.


It really shows a fundamental lack of knowledge of the capital markets. I won’t defend the size of the bonuses these guys get but I will defend what they do. They generate the “paper” as Brownstein puts it … that builds the buildings that house the people that work the machines, that make the products that raise the standard of living that capitalism built.

As for explaining why you deserve the money? Matthews reportedly makes $5 million?

The NBC cable network refused to share salary details with the New York Times, save for the most humiliating one: Matthews is still making more or less $5 million per year. In October that would have been 25 percent more than Olbermann made. Now it’s roughly 33 percent


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Given his viewership and content, I find it surprising that Matthews makes more than the minimum wage.


    He must get a personal check from George Soros every week.

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