Matthews more convinced than ever that … Palin’s running for President

Come on, give Chris credit. He’s been on this since 1773. This time, he may be on to something.

The crux of the story is this. Palin has consistently given credit to the Tea Party, consistently backed TP backed candidates, she has never wavered from whacking the Party Fathers. Put it all together and you get this.


Ok, set aside the fact that Matthews is obsessed with Palin, and that none of this stuff is new. But what is new is the fact that the candidates she is backing are all in a position to win. What is new is that the groundwork for a Presidential run has been laid. What is new is the warning to elitist Republicans.


Tough words from a Mama Grizzly, eh? Why, it’s positively diabolical. Is Matthews on to something?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Matthews was also convinced that Øbama would be a good president.   Clearly, he was badly mistaken.


    He is hardly my "go to guy" on matters of political prognostication.

  2. steve418r
    steve418r says:

    Why would he care? With the limited amount of real estate between hie ears, Sarah Palin in 2012 shouldn’t be?staying rent free. Maybe it has somethig to do with ratings, or fodder for filling air time.

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