Matthews gets a thrill, again. A thrill, not a tingle. Got That!

Too much. As my son and I watched this last night we both had to chuckle. No, not that he still gets a thrill … but that he had to correct his guest. Ha.

The conservation concerns why Obama is losing ground in the polls and why Democrats are in trouble. Matthews comments come after playing an Obama speech snippet. That’s when Jim Kessler of Third Way steps in and says Obama must be more like Reagan.


But the best part comes in video number two. First Matthews corrects Jim Kessler of the lefty Third Way. It’s a thrill not a tingle, damnit. Got it? Kessler is thrown off guard but then explains why Democrats can’t be more like Reagan. The victim class!


Hard to be inspiring when you are always the … ummm … victim?

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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    They don't know what they want to do. Not on the War, not on Foreign policy, not on Immigration, Not on the Economy, not on Terrorism, they do on Healthcare but it isn't what the majority wants.

  2. Murphy
    Murphy says:

    Does any one here really think voter turn out is going to be low this year? I wouldn’t be surprised if it exceeds the presidential election year. Since this is going to be the congressional correction year.

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