Matthews challenges 2nd Amendment advocate over…bazookas?

Oh brother, I hate it when 2nd amendment arguments descend to this level. Chris Matthews has a Second Amendment activist on his show clearly with the intent of turning him into a kook.

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But when Skip Coryell won’t take the bait … well it gets little crazy, which I guess was Matthews intention but its Matthews who ends up like a kook. Surprise! The money question and answer comes at 2:09 when Matthews asks if everyone in DC would be better off carrying. Hey give me credit, even I knew the answer to that one.


I don’t know too many people who want to carry a bazooka onto the Washington Mall … but given that it’s Washington. And yes Chris, people would feel safer carrying a hand gun, which is all Skip was talking about … and the reason is, a cop is just too damn heavy to carry.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Chris Matthews entire existence is based on making reductio ad absurdum arguments, putting the interviewees (victims of interrogation?) on the defense, then subsequently interrupting them so they cannot address Matthews' ridiculous assertions.


    He doesn't interview, he browbeats.  The only thing missing is a hot lamp.

  2. Law-AbidingCitizen
    Law-AbidingCitizen says:

    The only thing that should be limited is Chris Matthews! My question is: Why even validate Matthews by giving him air time as if he is credible?

    Matthews would have done Hitler or Stalin well as a persecutor at their show trials. I would be perfectly happy to never hear that excuse of a TV personality(?) again.

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