Losing Faith

Not so much disturbing as it is disheartening. Via Hot Air … a new survey called the General Social Survey asking Americans how they feel about a wide variety of issues shows an declining faith in everything from science and medicine to the press. You will be interested in knowing that the American people show the least amount of faith in “The Press”. But organized religion has not fared well either.

So what, you ask, do the American people put their faith in? Well it ain’t the one. Check it out.

The only major institution to have gained a statistically significant about of trust since 2000 is the military, which is now the most trusted major institution in the country . The gain came as a result, presumably, of 9/11, with the number of Americans expressing a great deal of confidence in the military shooting up from 41 percent in 2000 to 57 percent in 2002. The figure peaked at 59 percent in 2004 and has fallen slightly since, but the rating was slightly higher in 2008 than it had been in 2006 before the Iraq conflict had begun to wind down.

If you have the time, it is worth the look.

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Remember "situational ethics" and "ethical relativism" taught in the universities in the 1960s?  Can this be the result?  How long can a society succeed when trust in it's basic institutions are undermined?

  2. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    Knowing I would induce vomiting, I nontheless opened the Sunday Courant.  I read:

    1. That DESPITE a "surprising" show of clout of 5,000 Catholics showing up on short notice, it is "most likely" a one time trick according to a professor at Trinity College (surprise, surprise) (Trinity, as 3 people in one?)

    2. Urbanis article on the valiant and courageous fight of the incarcerated CONVINCTED DRUG DEALER trying to buy a relative a house.

    So now, the CHURCH is a bad guy , and an incarcerated drug dealer is our new hero. (Gee, I wonder where he's gonna get the money? He must really love his mom, I mean look how hard hes tried to make her proud so far!!!!

    Can this RAG please close the doors already?  It sucked, now its ugly and its been unreadable for many years.

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Bill: these institutions are infiltrated, then destroyed from within.  Infiltration of the educational institutions is just part of the plan, i.e. grab the minds of the children.  They save most of the subverted media for the adults (if you ignore the commercials and kids shows).

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      The so called educational system and the mainstream media.  The Courant would be part of the latter group.  Talk radio would be the insurgency group the Democrats are trying to kill with the "Fairness" Doctrine or something similar in intent but not name.

  4. davis
    davis says:

    I was not that afraid that the "infiltrated" educational institutions that my daughter went to, were about to grab her mind and turning into, what? Mush? I worked at making as sure as I could that I could be enough of a positive influence (along with my wife) so that our child would become a responsible adult, which she did. Did others out there do at least something similar?

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