Looking for Tax Day Tea Party information?

Are you looking for information concerning Hartford, Connecticut’s Tax Day Tea Party? So are we.

Update: Information on the three Tax Day Tea Parties in Connecticut is now available here.

We’ve found the official clearing house for all things Tax Day Tea Party-related at the Fresh Daily Tea Web site. You can look for information about events in your state, and contact information for state coordinators. As far as we are concerned, this is the primary site for the event since the site is sponsored by various groups including Michelle Malkin. They also have media contacts listed.

The Connecticut coordinator for the Tax Day Tea Party is Pam Fowler, and there is a page on Fresh Daily Tea dedicated to Connecticut. As of this writing, no event in Connecticut that is planned for April 15, but that does not mean people like Pam are not looking for help.

Update (Jim): You can contact Pam via e-mail here at [email protected]

You can go to the Fresh Daily Tea site for more information and to contact Pam.

We hope that an organization will step up to organize an event in Hartford and coordinate with Pam, I’m certain that she can provide additional information and support.

When/if an official event is organized for Hartford, we will promote the event on this Web site and Jim will mention it on the show. My guess is that he’d definitely have the organizer as a guest to let people know what is happening.

Please, no more e-mails asking where and when it will be. When/if we get the information from the official organizer of the Tax Day Tea Party in Hartford, it will be posted on this blog within a few hours.

For a variety of reasons, we will only promote official events by an organized group, not just a meet-up.

As you probably figured out, Radio Vice Online is not, and will not be the organizer of a Hartford Tax Day Tea Party 2009. Why am I making such a big deal about this? It’s because some people thought, and still think that we are organizing these events. We are not.

That is all… go about your daily duties… end message…

Other Tea Party news on the wire…

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