Lieberman says no “flip” on Medicare buy in … now supports Senate Bill

Judge for yourself. The Democrats are making a big deal out of Joe Lieberman’s interview with the Connecticut Post last September (video included) where he purportedly supports a medicare buy in. Lieberman says he was referring to his support of a similar proposal made during the 2004 Presidential campaign. Now he says his position has changed because times have changed, the deficit has grown and the current health care bill makes a “buy in” unnecessary.

Spin? You decide. What’s more enlightening is the story Lieberman tells toward the end of the interview about 1:50 in. Lieberman called the Medicare buy-in unaffordable and was rebuffed by a pro buy-in colleague. Like I have said many times. It’s not about us, it’s about power.


Here’s the original Connecticut Post clip that seems to back up what Joe is saying. You decide.


Bottom line: Joe says he will now support this crummy bill because it no longer contains a public option. But make no mistake, it is still a crummy bill that will:

  • add to the deficit
  • higher costs for business and high premiums for individuals because of mandates
  • and will cut medicare for seniors.
  • and this doesn’t even include the likely prospect of rationing of care as promised Doctor reimbursements decline along with the number of Doctors.

These are not scare tactics. These statements all are based on a careful reading of the bill by the people who write this blog. All of these statements, unlike those of the President, are cited and linked. We’ve done the research. All you have to do my lefty friends is read. Feel free to browse.