Lieberman: No … I’m an independent, but I’m against raising taxes.

Sorry. A little late getting this up. But as Sister Patrick used to say, “Jimmy, better late then never.” But then Sister Cecilia used to say, “Jimmy, better never late.” Ha. Some things never change.

Joe Lieberman on with Neil Cavuto two days ago declares his independence but hints Republicans have talked to him. Bottom line, “I have to be about the people’s business.”

Cavuto wouldn’t let go but Lieberman says right now the economy needs afixin … so that kind of talk, about caucusing with the Republicans, will have to wait. It all comes down to how close the Republicans get in November.


My guess, he stays with the Dems, but I could be wrong. He did say he is against raising taxes.


Sure sounds Republican to me. Or is he already looking to 2012?

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  1. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    Lieberman in the 2004 primary debate at St Anselm's:

    "I have come out for genuine tax reform, not only to protect the middle-class tax cuts that middle-class families did get in the last three years, but to pass a tax cut for 98% of the income tax payers and to pay for it by raising taxes on the [other] 2%. That may make some of the higher-income people unhappy, but it's the right thing to do for the middle class and for our economy."


  2. phil
    phil says:

    Just another Washington weather vane.  What Lieberman said yesterday depended on which way the wind was blowing yesterday.  What he will say tomorrow depends on which way the wind will blow tomorrow. However, sayin' ain't doin' is it?

  3. Odonna
    Odonna says:

    I don't have a lot of faith in what Lieberman says anymore.  His cave on Obamacare sealed it for me.  He's looking out for Lieberman as far as I can see and will do an about face if the deal is right.

  4. Tbone McGraw
    Tbone McGraw says:

    I don't want this bag of garbage in the Republican Party! This trash will jump into whichever barrel he sees winning in? Why would anybody want this loser. I want to retire him in 2012, not welcome him aboard! We just need to nominate viable Republican's not WWE pretend CEO's!!!!

  5. gillie28
    gillie28 says:

    Lieberman's a politician, with a keen instinct for self-preservation, but he's cerainly not "trash" or a" bag of garbage"  (and kind of tacky to be name-calling instead of sticking to issues).  He's done a lot to support the troops over the years, and that counts for a lot in my book.  As much as I despise just about every politician, I've had more of a respect for Lieberman over the years than most (well, except during that Al Gore fiasco).  It must be horrendous to survive with any principles at all when living in Washington.

  6. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I still have respect for Lieberman, because he has stuck his neck out quite a few times. However, I would never vote for him. He is too much of a politician for me and too desperate to keep his job. Anyone that is that desperate to stay, needs to go. it’s like he’s drawn to the ring, doesn’t he look like Gollum?

  7. Wind
    Wind says:

    I think Joe is a good guy…he treats his people well and has made some good decisions. BUT!!!  This is a brave new world and Joe…sitting on the fence and looking at both sides is a luxury and can not last for long. New energy is coming up and is going to propel you to a level that will show that you have played the game to long. Go out on top and let someone in tune take over…and be a good guy again and help them.

  8. weregettinghosed
    weregettinghosed says:

    Lieberman wisely stays attuned to the political climate and will stay ahead of any political windstorm. We the People have created hurricane strength winds enough for any smart politician to stay clear from, should he be wise and have the will to survive in DC. The Dems have their heads so high up, thinking they are above it all, they fail to see the windstorm below them ready to knock them out of DC. Lieberman understands the people and knows full well which way the wind is blowing, unlike the Dems that believe they know how to outsmart us. No longer are we a sleepy America where the Dems could roll right over over us in the middle of the night, we are awake and ready for the fight.

    We must also understand Lieberman is a very devote Jew, he can also observe how the White House is treating Israel. This has been a long standing high ground for Lieberman and above all things he will stand up for Israel. You have to respect a man that will not back down on his heritage, his beliefs and his people. As long as Obama is touting his Muslim stance on world affairs, giving Israel a lashing out each time they stand up against the Muslims, Lieberman will stay far away.

    Lieberman is a survivalist, he will do what is necessary to win and be liked by the people. Let us take advantage of his position and allow him to do some of our bidding. He knows if he does not play the We the People card for the next two years he is out of there just like every other long time DC'er. Clearly he is in a very ripe position for us to get him to do some of our work, just as he is elected to do. Push him on every issue and do not let his job be too easy, make him work every minute for us.

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