Liberal talk show host points out Sotomayor’s religion

The first Latina Supreme Court Justice, check. The third woman, check. How about her religion? Liberals are funny what they find to be worth mentioning when it comes to power positions. They just crack me up. Is there any social card they will not play. Tucker Carlson gets the better of this one … Bill Press just sounds silly.


For a party that continually tries to portray Republicans as racist … the Democrats sure spend a lot of time talking about race, religion and sex, none of which are qualifiers for the SCOTUS. Clearly … this is what they will be pushing, hoping to draw in as many special interest groups as they can. Pathetic.

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  1. surrealista
    surrealista says:

    Has it occurred to anyone else that those best qualified to interpret the Constitution may well be white Protestant males?  Who better to understand the intentions of the creators of the document, who were after all a group of…..white Protestant males!  Who made it absolutely clear that feelings, empathy, and background (rich or otherwise) should have no weight in decision-making on the US Supreme Court.

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