Levin tears into the subprime crisis lies

Mark Levin – a great constitutional scholar – has a radio program on WABC in New York at 6 p.m. ET after the Hannity slot. I enjoy listening to him when I can and his book, Men in Black, helped me put into perspective how the judicial branch of the federal government got out of control and started legislating from the bench.

On Friday’s show, he tore into the lies and misrepresentations about the current subprime lending crisis. You can listen to the full MP3 podcast – with no commercial interruption – at his Web site.

Thanks to Hot Air and Ace for highlighting the show for us. As Ace puts it; Mark Levin Puts You Some F&^%in’ Information.

If you get the opportunity to listen to Mark, you will not be dissapointed. He’s got a hard edge but he grows on you quickly. What’s unique is that he offers all of his shows via podcast online. No membership involved, so there is no excuse not to drop his current show into the iPod and listen while you work.

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