Letterman protesters call Letterman a Perve

Geeze … he said he was sorry for the joke. I believe him … I do. Somehow I think this should be fading away … somehow I think it may not. But is he the one who should be apoogizing now?


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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    From the minute that Sarah Palin was announced as a VP candidate the media went after her like wild animals in the food chain. The so-called "news" was so offensive, I turned it off. Now we have a comedian making so-called jokes about Sarah Palin looking like a "slut" and her children being "knocked up." I turn him off too.

    When does it stop? Where do we draw the line? These comments are unprecedented. You would be hard pressed to find anything even remotely close to these "below the belt" punches. Mind you, this crap, when we have politicians out there robbing us blind of our constitutional rights without barely a mention in the headlines.

    Michelle Obama has never been so proud of her country. Is this what makes her proud? I am personally disgusted and, frankly, I am sick of the idea that an apology can fix bad behavior.

  2. Jeff S
    Jeff S says:

    Letterman's first apology reminds of the scholl yard bully caught picking on a kid by a teacher and being told to apologize. The silence of women organizations is deafening, they were all up in arms when O'Reilly made a wicked witch comment about Helen Thomas and nothing on this!!! All I can say is that Sarah Palin must really be scaring the pants off the libs so they need to demonize her at all costs and I say enough is enough!!

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