Let them dig ditches

Spoken like a man who probably hasn’t dug a ditch, wouldn’t dig a ditch, wouldn’t know a ditch if he hit one in the road.

On This Week Sunday  Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, one of the Sunday morning “wizards of smart” (thank you Rush Limbaugh) thinks he has a great idea to stimulate the economy: another WPA program. More infuriating than his cavalier attitude toward working Americans, or rather, out of work engineers, accountants, actuaries, manufacturers, etc, is his remarkable admission, right at the top that not only didn’t the first stimulus do the trick, but the second one he has in mind could be much more stimulating at a much lower price.

So smart. It kicks off with Matthew Dowd explaining why the stimulus didn’t work. No argument here.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Everytime I hear Krugman (and I try to minimize those occurrences), I am appalled by the level of "ivorytowerism" that he displays.  The fact that his liberalism and globalism is allowed to smother his understanding of economics renders his opinions on the level of those shill scientists at CRU who manufacture data to suit their beliefs rather than the facts.  Add to that the fact that he can sit there with a straight face and declare that


    I would be quite surprised to discover that Krugman ever had one of the jobs he lauds as "better than nothing" for the unemployed.  Notice that he never suggests that the regular guy and gal gets a tax cut.  No, that would be too messy, since he knows what is best for us.  The great unwashed would only pay their bills and feed their kids.  He only suggests tax subsidies and make work programs that allow the government to maintain a deathgrip on industries, making them dependent on government monies.


    Scratch a liberal, you find a socialist/communist/Marxist.


    His Nobel award simply reaffirms my observation that the more liberal you are, the more likely you are to win.  What would you expect from socialists in Sweden anyway?

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