Lefty press claims Obama can’t get angry because of racist right

This is too much … oh and yes … it’s also another media indictment of the “Tea Party”, and frankly this is starting to get a little old. Every time this President gets in trouble, which is often, the main stream media rides to the rescue with the charge of “raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist”. It begins with yesterday’s column in the WP by Jonathan Capehart … and concludes last night with an interview of Make Halperin of Time.

This is the relevant paragraph:

We all know one reason Obama won’t “go off.” He’s just not wired that way. Overt expressions of rage (or any overheated emotion) are not in his personality.

But there are other reasons he can’t “go off.” Consider the Angry Black Man. That bogeyman who haunts many African-American men, particularly professionals, who scares us into zen-like tranquility when fury is warranted, whether or not we are prone to it.

Capehart appeared with Matthews last night and took it one step further, implying Senator Pat Roberts telling Obama to take a Valium was raaaaaaaaaaaaaacist:


His MSNBC buddy, Mark Halprin of Time Mag, appeared with O’Reilly last night and defended his lefty buddy … and indicted the Tea party and Matt Drudge as well for his headline “Obama Goes Street”as well.

The best (as in most laughable) part comes toward the end when Halperin challenges O’Reilly to come with him to a Tea Party as he points out the raaaaaaaaaaaaacists.


This is getting old. I am so very, very tired of the assumption of racism among people who are simply middle American folk who don’t believe in the President’s statist policies that rob them of cash, freedom and choice, while bankrupting the nation in the process. But I agree, it is about color. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

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  1. GaryInSoGlast
    GaryInSoGlast says:

    The facts are simple.  There is one group of people that ALWAYS notices and uses race to classify people  They separate people by race to decide what they are capable of doing in life, what they can do for a living without help, and what they should expected to get out of their education.  The left is the only group that judges people like that, yet they always call the right racist.  I don't understand how they get away with it, and I don't understand anyone of any color lets them get away with their obvious elitist racism.  GOD HELP US!

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    It is simply projection by the lefties.  The try to make us out as violent, but all the violence occurs with leftist groups.  They call us thugs, but all the thuggery occurs with leftist groups.  They call us greedy, but they want the government to confiscate everyone's disposable (and even indisposable) cash.  They call us racist, but every other word out of their mouths is an excuse or blame for something based on race.  Can you think of anything more racist than Affirmative Action or the Congressional Black Caucus?  Look at Biden's comments about Øbama during the election.  Look at Helen Thomas (quickly).  Heck, look at Matthews!  All bubbling over with unsuppressed racist thoughts, yet blind to their own racism.


    "Angry Black Man"?  I seem to recall fairly recently how the left pounded away with the "Angry White Man".  Remember how it was used as a potential excuse if Øbama lost the election?


    Lefties never miss an opportunity to play the race card.  Unfortunately for them, people of all colors are starting to realize that it is the joker in the deck.

  3. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    On the first video:  In answer to Capehart's question at the end, I can picture Reverend Wright dropping "f-bombs"!  He is a man of God (supposedly) and said "God damn America"…there's a class act!  Biden may not be black, but I think we're all familiar with what he said when the health care bill passed…And now Obama is on "ass quest 2010" to quote Jon Stewart on The Daily Show…Obama and his crew has dumbed down the office of the President from the time he was campaigning.

    As far as the lefties in the mainstream media, they are the ONLY ONES making an issue of Obama being black…it's been that way since day one and they are beating a dead horse at this point.  All this "raaaaaaaaaacist" stuff does is create an excuse for Obama's abysmal approval ratings and is an attempt to distract from the fact that he is doing a lousy job.  Period.

  4. Lucinda
    Lucinda says:

    When will the left in general, and the main stream media in particular, stop playing the race card, and stop making excuses for this guy?

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