Left wing talk radio hate speech – courtesy Mike Malloy

Mike Malloy promotes himself as a sample of sanity, and speaking truth to power. But it seems as though he is also a hate filled man that goes on rants not to make a point, but only to attack Republicans and more – much more – successful talk show hosts.

Newsbusters writer Tim Graham highlights a couple of Malloy’s recent rants. Please check out Newsbusters if you’re not familiar with their site. Always some good commentary and information over there.

On January 29, discussing reports of a growing rate of suicides in the Marine Corps (up to 44 in 2008), Malloy unloaded this rant about the Bush legacy and its Republican enablers: “The Republican Party needs to be executed as quickly as possible.” At least he was bipartisan enough to attack the Senate Democrats who voted to give that “sociopath” Bush the power to commit troops “anywhere!” …

On January 28, Malloy was wishing and hoping for the choking death of Rush Limbaugh: “Some horrifyingly intense America-hater like Rush Limbaugh, who appears to be morphing into, seriously, he is morphing into Jabba the Hutt; um, I’ve seen some recent video, this guy is enormous, he just keeps bloating up; it’s – it’s just – I hope he keeps going because that means he will soon croak. Like I said, eventually, he will choke to death on his own throat fat.”

Here is the death to the Republican party rant.


Here is the I hope Rush croaks rant.


Audio courtesy Newsbusters – check out their site!

Liberal tolerance at it’s best.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I have always been amazed, appalled and mostly disgusted when I read the hate filled vitriol the comes out of the mouths of "tolerant" liberals.  See some of the hate mail that Michelle Malkin gets for a prime example.

    A brief excursion (wear hipboots!) to Democrat Underground or even MassLive blogs show that the real hate and filth, remarkably like the zealotry seen in a Muslim street riot.

    I always apply the test: substitute the name of a Democrat for a Republican in one of their rants and toss it back into one of their forums, and watch the pigs squeal!

    They name streets after Democrats and liberals: ONE WAY.

  2. Erik Blazynski
    Erik Blazynski says:

    Rush IS getting pretty fat.  For every left wing nut there is a right wing nut, I have never even heard of this guy. He is seeking publicity and he is being abliged.

    • Anne-EH
      Anne-EH says:

      One can tell that conservative talkradio is sucessful by how much the base is brought together to stand up against the creeping socialism and the attacks from radical left thinking  talkradio show hosts who are simply jealous of its sucess.

  3. Dusty the Cat
    Dusty the Cat says:

    It's people like Mike Malloy and the hateful venom they spew on a daily basis that I am not a liberal.  That's the kind of tasteless stuff they accuse Rush of doing.

  4. rddionne
    rddionne says:

    I am fully against the Fairness Doctrine, but with this guy Malloy I might consider supporting a Sanity Doctrine!

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