Larson guarantees Democrats hold House … caller suggests only if dead people vote

I expect that bravado from Congressman John Larson. He is after all fourth in line to the President, sort of. And he is after all a big force in national Democrat politics. But could it be they are counting on dead people as one caller suggested?

Here is what Congressman Larson (D-CT1) and House Dem Caucus Chair, told reporters on a conference call:

“Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated,” House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson told reporters on a conference call, referring to near across-the-board predictions that the party will suffer heavy losses.

“Let me be very clear about it: We are going to hold the House of Representatives and we are going to hold the United States Senate and we’re going to do it each district one at a time,” said Larson.

Now I am not sure what he’s basing this on since the polls seem to indicate otherwise. But one caller this morning suggested election shenanigans, that the old “dead people voting” trick will be tried. Well I was outraged by this suggestion … until, that is, I read this from Mike Walsh’s site, “Big Journalism”. In a “tongue in cheek” memo from the Democrat National Committee, Chairman Tim Kaine solicits ideas for winning in November. Heh!

Mr. Kaine asked for fresh ideas to increase Democratic Party vote totals in November.Mr. Dean suggested expansion of the 2008 “Dead Pool” pilot program, noting that dead Democrats outnumber dead Republicans by 2 to 1.

Majority Leader Reid agreed, urging the Party to nationalize its urban get-out-the-dead vote operations.

Ms. Couric said friendly media would immediately begin a campaign to frame incorporeality as a disability, not a disqualification.

Senator Schumer will sponsor legislation halting disenfranchisement of the disembodied and restoring the Founders’ original intent of “one dead man, one vote.”

Speaker Pelosi pledged that “the passed would no longer be passed over.”  She expressed concern that many Democrats were dying every day and taking their votes with them.

Mr. Soros proposed that he buy “phooneral” parlors in Democratic strongholds throughout the country, so “ven dey go, ve know.”

Mr. Dean advised the Committee to have DNC attorneys monitor morgues in those cities to  counter Republican shenanigans.

Speaker Pelosi urged the Committee to adopt a plank supporting the next stage in entitlements: eternal Social Security and Medicare.

Katie Couric will channel Betty Friedan and ask her to found the League of Dead Women Voters.

Eric Boehlert committed Media Matters to produce and distribute ten million Johnnie Cochranized bumper stickers:  ”If you’ve gone and died, don’t be denied.”

Hat tip to Instapundit for this one. Thanks.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Will George Romero make a new movie, "Election of the Dead"?


    Larson may think he is whistling past a graveyard of Democrat voters, but in reality, he is whistling past an election abattoir (slaughterhouse).

  2. Army Strong
    Army Strong says:

    They will "Try" and pull this off!, But I think that too many people are wise to this now from the last election. Yesterday Glenn Beck told his audienceon his show, that on " Oct 10.2010, all of the democratic unions are going to have there march on Washington, D.C. In there response to halt the Tea Parties Movement to take back the house and the senate. The Democrats are extremely Desperate Now, and are going to pull out all of the stops  to thwart the election process. Mr. Beck told his audience that if they did not get anywhere from 1.5 million, to 5 million union members and  there families to attend, that there march will be viewd as a failure! This march is nothing more then a response to Mr. Becks "Honor and Restore Rally" ., and to show up his fans who showed up that day!  Very Sad here Jim.

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I remember the election in '94, Ed Munster lost the 2nd Congressional District by 2 votes (that was the final count after many recounts) and there was plenty of proof that more than 1 dead voter voted in New London. Sorry New London, I attended many a wonderful fundraiser for Ed there and I know 99% of the people there would never allow such a thing. I also know that in many cities it happens, there just is no recount to prove it. Working at the polls is a trip, I recommend it to everyone!

  4. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Oh Anne-EH with people like you and Jerri (the caller today) we can win! You guys are keeping my spirits up, especially when I don't have the time to work for a candidate like the old days.

  5. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    I hate to be the 800 pound pessimist in the room, BUT….I firmly believe the fix is on.

      (1) ACORN is now a shadow entity thanks to the bad publicity, which means no one is watching them now. Vote early and vote often.

      (2) Dead people do vote, and vote democrat. This time it's not funny.

      (3) Military generally vote Republican and…

      (4)Public sector workers.

      (5) Union intimidation, and general misinformation campaigns.

      (6) The lying, corrupt, complicit media.

    Stand at the machine and make sure your vote goes into it folks!!!!!

  6. David R
    David R says:

    How naive to think only the Dems practice voter fraud. Political claims like this are not meant for realists or students of history, who know better. Wasn't it the 60s group The Who, that sang "we won't be fooled again"? We will always be fooled again if we don't question these stale claims that one party is more honorable than the other. Each has its share of heroes and villains. Sadly, failing to recognise this makes us candidates for manipulation by the party we support. 

  7. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    You could be right, David, but the left is just so damnably good at it (or perhaps brazen about it), that it makes whatever efforts errant Republicans might make pale in comparison.  Who is for "motor voter" and voting day registration and against any attempts at positive picture ID at the voting booth?  Diebold optical readers were only corrupt if Republicans won.  Gore only wanted votes recounted in Democrat strongholds, and the Republicans wanted the whole state recounted.  Who worked hard to keep absentee votes from the troops oversees, considered to be pro Bush, from being counted?  Who refuses to have voter rolls purged and verified?  When reported on all the students/activists going to Ohio to register to vote in 2008, they weren't found to be pro McCain.


    Maybe I just missed it, but it seems that every time there is a box of ballots "found" in a warehouse, or a multiplicity of recounts performed, it almost invariably works to the Democrat's favor.   I would love to add evidence about Republicans into my database if you would be so kind as to link it.  It could just be that Republicans are so good at it, we can't see it happening.  This is where a truly objective and motivated media, intent on true investigative reporting, would be of the most use, but reporters (?) are lazy and biased.


    Not that any of this discounts the fact that both parties are composed of politicians hungry for power who happily manipulate us with every tool at their disposal.  Tarring and feathering would be too good for most of them.

  8. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

    David R,

    (1) I did not say that dems are the only ones practicing voter fraud.

    (2) ACORN and the black panthers exist to perpetuate Democrat Power.

    (3) The media is BY FAR liberal.

    (4) When the unions say to "get out the vote"…who do you think they support???

    I believe that I am being the REALIST….Next time read the list .

    The incumbant LEFT has a much more diverse machine in place at this time, and that is my point.

  9. David R
    David R says:

    Yes Dims: I wish we could all agree on which ones need T&F, but I doubt we will as long as we drink the party-line Kool-aid that our guys are all good and their guys are all bad. We keep beating each other up over stupid stuff. I think both parties actually mean to do good at least some of the time, but the process is corrupted, mostly I think, by the corporate powers who want contracts, legislation, tax policy etc. that benefit them. Both parties are happy to take their checks, while pretending it's the other party that is compromised. The whole system seems compromised. Which is why I think it is so hard to have reasonable, dispassionate conversations about any important issue. It's now impossible for the average guy to discuss energy policy, climate change, immigration, military spending, health care reform, Middle-east policy, etc. when political opportunists of all stripes have managed to make them emotionally loaded  issues.  To turn down the heat, we need to turn off the demagogues and do our own indpendent research on these problems. If we do, we will all need to be prepared to change our minds, at least a little. By your comments, I see you do your homework. 

  10. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    I have to agree, and this is where transparency would do the most good: produce bill readable by a high school graduate (okay, maybe that is a bit low nowadays!), available at least a month, maybe longer, before anything gets signed into law, and politicians make themselves fully available and accountable to the voters well before the bill is signed, preferably during the formation stage.  If it is good for us and we don't think so, they must adequately explain why.  If it goes over budget and increases the deficit/debt, then that must be justified.  If they cannot, they must vote no or not vote.  If there is a special exemption, it needs to be justified to anyone demanding justification.


    Øbama had the chance to do this, and even promised to do so, yet dropped the ball at the first bill (Ledbetter).  It is not too late to change, and the November elections may force him to do this in a triangulation move a la Clinton.  But it does not erase the current crop of onerous legislation that should be repealed and done over as described above.  If everything is above board, it can only benefit the pols in the long run, although I doubt they believe that.


    There's never time to do a job right, but there's always time to do it over (and get it right).

  11. David R
    David R says:

    Agreed, Legislation-making is about compromise, a process that produces bills that usually need fixing.  A good example of how difficult it is to get anything done is the 2007 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. Written by Sen Kennedy and Republican Senators McCain and Kyl, supported by Bush and Harry Reid, it still couldn't get passed. Imagine how much time we've wasted waiting some R's and D's definition of perfection.

  12. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    Karl Rove's plan to politicize the Dept of Justice, in part, was to restrict votes for Democrats by claiming voter fraud. Bush accomplished this using the incompetent dishonest Alberto Gonzales to appoint partisan U.S. Attorneys. Stealing our democracy by disenfranchising Dem voters and packing courts with partisan judges is a secret plank in the Republican Party's agenda.

    The myth of widespread voter fraud is a GOP invention.

    But, a lie repeated often enough becomes some people's truth.

  13. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Thanks for making me laugh (out loud, no less) this morning, chris!  You just described everything the Øbama/Holder justice department is currently doing.


    Feel free to disprove (with facts) the "myth of widespread voter fraud".  First, define "widespread", so we are all on the same page.  Be sure to include in your answer an explanation of why the Democrats are so opposed to positive voter ID, fight purging ineligible voters from the rolls, same day (and thus unverifiable) voter registration, and support and passed "Motor Voter" legislation, which does not include verification of citizenship, to name a few things.  Republicans support the opposite of all of these things (or say they do).


    A truth that makes it through the media filter may stay the truth.  Unless you can prove otherwise.

  14. David R
    David R says:

    Chirs-os. You seem to do your homework as well as anybody, but can you provide sources for your claims re. Karl Rove's plan? I admit he hasn't been a favorite of mine since his dirty tricks in the 2000 South Carolina primary against John McCain, a truly honorable man whose sacrifices for his country are unquestionable, who is also a member of Roves own party. It was the worst hatchet job I'd ever seen. That said, you need to back up your claims.

  15. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    All ties into the Rove, Alberto Gonsales and the US Attorney story-google it, Dims. BTW, there have been several entire books written about the "election fraud of 2000" by the reps-errr, remember Kathleen Harris?

    Glad I make you laugh! And thanks for returning the favor by playing naive on this topic.

  16. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    It is your ball, chris: put up or (you know).  Links to legitimate sources would be nice.  So would an answer to my challenge, which you completely ignored.  It should be easy, right?

  17. David R
    David R says:

    Chris-os: I think it's fair to ask bloggers to back up their statements. If nothing else it helps keep this site relevant, and all of us sharp. If you can, please refer to unbiased sources.

  18. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    You are bouncing all around, chris.  Every president gets to appt. their attorney generals.  But you know that.  It is all political.  Surprise!


    Now back to the challenge: go six posts back and answer the challenge to your as yet unfounded accusations.  Don't forget to cite your sources!

  19. David R
    David R says:

    Yes, Chris most of us know about those accusations. The history of medalling in elections is something I grew up with from JFKs dad and Chicago mob, to Nixon's plumbers at the Dem HQ. etc. Can you get more current?

  20. chris-os
    chris-os says:

    geesh guess fox didn't cover the gonzalez/US atty scandal where Rove was required to testify-

    Unreal when you limit yourself to right wing media exclusively.

    truly though, I am shocked.

    Google it

  21. Tbone McGraw
    Tbone McGraw says:

    "disenfranchising Dem voters" OMG!! I can't breathe…Can anyone say ACORN, The New Black Panther Party, Eric "I won't Prosecute Blacks"Holder? Let's not forget the Dead voter rolls in Minnesota that helped steal the Senate election. After all, it would take dead people to put an azzhole like Stuart Smalley into the US Senate.

    It's typical demonuts who cry foul, all the while their hands get caught stealing the whole cookie jar. It's a great argument if you think about it. Rove and Gonzales appointed biased judges? Wait, Kagen Soutomeyer are you middle of the road Judges, only interested in adhering to the rule of law, based on the Constitution. LMAO!!! Remember, never to argue with Liberals..They're Metal Impaired and the truth always hurts them!!

    But they are good for a laugh…

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