Larry Elder on “”Cowboy’s” successor and the middle east

He’s the best. The best at cutting through the crap that’s out there. He’s my talk show hero. And he’s here with some great analysis.

Larry Elder does a great job here of outlining and then detailing the young President’s failure to deliver on setting a new tone internationally and instead of citing feelings, Elder cites facts. Now that my friends, is a true “conservatarian”. From IBD.

Obama’s first presidential meeting with a foreign leader was not with that of Great Britain — our closest ally, whose prime minister stood down opposition within his own party to join the effort in Iraq. Obama met with Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Fatah party, to stress the importance of restarting the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” — which Obama considered essential to moderate Arab and Muslim views.

Obama chastised Israel, the other of our two closest allies, for building “settlements” in east Jerusalem — even though, pre-Obama, the Palestinian leadership had already accepted construction in that area as part of any future deal. Obama gave his first presidential sit-down interview to Al-Arabiya television network, where he asked “countries like Iran … to unclench their fist.” He hoped to deter Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb, something candidate Obama called a “game changer” and “unacceptable.”

But those daily morning threat-assessment briefings can change a president.

The Obama administration, to prevent public exposure of intelligence-gathering sources and methods, used the same “state secrets” defense in court as did the Bush administration.

Obama continues the policy of rendition, the much-maligned practice of transferring a terrorist prisoner of war from one foreign country to another country that utilizes far-harsher interrogation techniques.

Guantanamo remains open because the prison contains some vicious terrorists that no country wants. The terror surveillance phone-monitoring program remains, as does the Patriot Act. Obama stepped up the use of drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Even Obama’s declaration to halt waterboarding contains wiggle room.

To the shock of Bush-haters, the Obama Justice Department — while disagreeing with the conclusions of the Bush lawyers who drafted the so-called “torture memo,” which provided a legal basis for waterboarding — cleared the lawyers of wrongdoing.

Obama negotiated “tough” sanctions against Iran, though Russia, China, India and Turkey continue to trade with that country or have announced plans to do so. Iran remains committed to its nuclear program, still threatens Israel, and claims to have dug mass graves in which to bury American soldiers should the U.S. use military force to stop its nuclear program.

“The Sage from South Central” understands the world looks a whole lot different when you are sitting in the big boy chair. Bush saw what was happening and changed US foreign policy accordingly. Obama and his lefties saw it differently and claimed a new world policy of “can’t we all just get along”, instead of the dastardly Bush “giddy up”, would change the world viewed us, and the world would be a better place. That is, until they found themselves in the big boy chair.

Miss him yet?

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  1. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Got to remember Jim that President Barak Obama what he is trying to do is do, with his backround as a community organizer, outreach to the Muslims in the Middle East. But will that come back in time to haunt the USA?

  2. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Yes, indeed, Obama did manage to provoke our allies right out of the gate, didn't he?

    Instead of sitting in that "big boy chair" 24 hours a day trying to make a huge name for himself as the president of firsts, perhaps he needs a few months in the "think-about-it-chair".  This dude needs a time out.

    While quite a few people here will say that President George W. Bush didn't do anything right, but at least he didn't go out and visit our enemies, apologizing for the U.S., begging an enemy to unclench its fist.  Obama, like most democrat presidents throughout history, is weak on foreign policy.  This guy is a noob…no real-world experience whatsoever.  If anyone went into their presidency shooting from the hip, that would be Obama.   He reminds me of the tank in Tiananmen Square, just plowing through his detractors.


  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    To paraphrase Mother Theresa, the unwilling, led by the incompetent, trying to do what is impossible for the "entitled".

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