LAPD stop seizing cars of illegal aliens

In a move that will raise eyebrows across the nation today, Police Chief Charlie Beck has ordered officers to stop seizing the cars of sober illegal aliens who are stopped at checkpoints. But get this … if you’re a legal resident who does not have a valid license your car will be impounded.

Again … I just want to be treated like an illegal alien. From USA Today.

Police Chief Charlie Beck has ordered his officers to stop seizing cars of sober but unlicensed undocumented immigrants when they are stopped in sobriety checkpoints, KPCC-FM radio reports.

Instead, police will let those who were stopped have a “reasonable time” to find someone who is licensed who can drive their car home. …

[P]olice will seize and impound cars of citizens and legal residents who also don’t have a driver’s license because they, unlike the illegal immigrants, have the option of applying for one.

Why are we doing this?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Forget seizing and impounding the cars; seize and impound the illegals!!


    Why are we treating illegals better than citizens?  Is there some sort of guilt that I am unaware of, or does the liberal "white guilt" extend to invaders as well?

  2. southwest
    southwest says:


  3. GdavidH
    GdavidH says:

     I am the parent of a recently licensed driver, thus recently required to attend the mandated defensive driver course in Ct. One thing that stuck with me, even though I already knew it, was that they teach that driving is a privelege, not a right.

     Apparently now in liberal-land, not allowing the licensing of illegals is an assault on human rights, rather than the denial of a privelege that comes with being a citizen.

    This makes perfect sense in our brave new world.

  4. kipitwic
    kipitwic says:

    California politics are definitely corrupted.  This is total discrimination against american citizens; but, like I was told in college by a very great prof. "always follow the money".   That is what this about….money for the democrats because these are the people who will vote for them.  The rest of the country is bailing Ca. out because of its liberalim.  I for one am tired of giving to the illegals.  There should be no discussions necessary.    They are illegal and have NO VOICE in our politics.   Round them up and kick them out!!!!

  5. Shared Sacrifice
    Shared Sacrifice says:

    Last time the cops seized my plates and impounded my truck, it was close to $1,000.

    If I were illegal: didn't pay their impounding fees, stuck them with the towing bill & vehicle, threatened them with lawsuit & discrimination and then simply bought another unregistered Piece-O-Sh*t- well, there'd be less revenue that month!   There's got to be lawyers and accountants deciding this policy issue because police wouldn't let me drive unregistered due to fear of liability.   LA is willing to sacrifice safety and a few dead taxpayers and the subsequent lawsuits because that would be cheaper than dealing with the the plethora of illegals- a non issue wink wink!

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