Kid asks how a Navy SEAL compares to a ninja – gets answer from Admiral McRaven

Totally awesome.

From Blue Star Families.

Walker Greentree wants to be a SEAL when he grows up. Or a ninja. It depends on the day. He’s turning 7 in October so that explains a lot. But he’s smart as a whip. He comes from a military family and he’s a member of the elite MilKidz Club.

One afternoon while playing with a friend in the yard, the young Greentree was scolded by his mother. “Be quiet like a SEAL,” said Vivian Greentree. His friend immediately replied – as one would expect from a 7-year old. “Ninjas are quieter than SEALS.” And thus, a monumental argument began. WHO is quieter? Ninjas or SEALS? SEALS or Ninjas?

Walker got his answer from US Navy Admiral William McRaven, Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command.


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  1. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    Thanks Steve, how did you know we needed a break from the abominable president. What a fabulous Admiral and he has just given us another Seal-to-be.

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