Katie Couric now irrelevant – total liberal hack

I have not watched the network news at 6:30 p.m. – or whenever it is now – in years, and it looks like almost nobody else is either. CBS News anchor Katie Couric just broke a Neilsen record; never since recorded time has such a small number of viewers watched the CBS Evening News.

So, in my mind Katie, you’re a failure when it comes to being a evening news anchor. I guess I may have just burned a bridge that I have yet to cross, but I’ll take my chances and assume she’s not going to proceed with a hit-job piece on me.

Speaking of hit jobs, Couric encourages college graduates of the day to not be a hater, and guard against nastiness. Last week, she spoke at Class Day on the hallowed grounds of Princeton University in New Jersey. In her remarks, she showed herself to be a liberal hack as well as an anchor failure.

She starts off the speech…

It’s a tremendous honor to be part of your Class Day. When Princeton called to invite me I was thrilled. It also gave me a perfect excuse for turning down Harvard and Yale – my safety schools! And since I’ve been called a cougar lately in the tabloid press – today I’m very happy to be an honorary tiger! Coming here was a real no brainer! After all, I can see New Jersey from my house!

Nice shot at Gov. Sarah Palin, who never said that she can see Russia from her house. Couric continues.

So, I’d like to officially welcome Princeton to the 21st Century. You’ve embraced the female gender at the perfect time…because it’s been quite a year for women.

After all, a Latina has just been nominated to the Supreme Court…only the third woman in history. And I heard she graduated summa cum laude from a little school in New Jersey! Hillary Clinton was the first serious female presidential candidate and made 18 million cracks in the ultimate glass ceiling. And then of course, there’s Carrie Prejean, Miss California. No one has done more to motivate gay rights activists since Anita Bryant. [Your parents know who she is.]

Nice shot at Carrie Prejean. By the way, can you name the Miss USA 2009 pageant winner? Didn’t think so.

Concerning graduates finding a job in this economy…

There may be some opportunities in the Republican Party. They’re still looking for an effective spokesman, and the only person they can find so far is Rush Limbaugh….and he won’t take the job because he doesn’t want to give up his prescription plan.

Yeah, when all else fails, bring that up again.

Couric goes on to praise other graduates including the first lady, Michelle Obama. No jokes about her or her hubby … they are really working hard to solve your problems right now.

Couric takes shots at Donald Rumsfeld and even a couple Democrats, but then she told graduates not to do what she had just been doing, my emphasis added.

Next, don’t be a hater. Princeton has taught you to think critically, to approach things with a healthy dose of skepticism…and that’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. But you really must guard against the cynicism and nastiness that are so pervasive today, particularly on the internet. It can be a wonderful, powerful and equalizing tool, but it’s also populated by haters and trolls. People think they can say or do anything online under the cloak of anonymity. Don’t get sucked in…In his book, entitled “Snark”, David Denby writes, “Snark often functions as an enforcer of mediocrity and conformity. In its cozy knowingness, snark flatters you in assuming that you get the contemptuous joke. You’ve been admitted or re-admitted to a club, but it may be a club of the second rate.”

Rise above the collegial nastiness and instead….celebrate excellence. The joy of reveling in someone else’s success is much sweeter than the bitter vitriol of sites like Juicy Campus. By the way, Juicy Campus RIP. Shutting that website down, in my view, was a huge victory for civility.

Couric’s speech was a good-portion of collegial nastiness, but note she was asked by her guests to ensure remarks were edgy. That’s fair enough – gotta have some fun – but unfortunately, Couric’s speech takes away from – in my opinion – all of the good she has done to highlight the need for colonoscopy screenings. She continues…

When my husband Jay died, I felt I needed to do something. I needed to educate Americans about colon cancer, the second leading cancer killer of men and women in this country…I needed to help them understand that this cancer can often be prevented entirely if people get screened. I didn’t want others to experience the pain my family had endured.

So, I did what any self-respecting journalist with a built in bully pulpit would do…I had a colonoscopy on national television. At one point, loopy on anesthesia, I believe I told the world that I had a pretty little colon. I was fortunate to be able to reach a large audience, and colonoscopy screenings increased by 20 percent. Researchers called it “The Couric Effect.” I think it’s the Katie and Jay effect. There are people I may never meet who are now living healthier lives…with emphasis on LIVING…simply because I helped bring colon cancer out of the closet.

And I was so gratified to be part of a team that helped organize Stand Up 2 Cancer, which raised over 100 million dollars to fund the unsung heroes of this countries…scientists who work day in a day out…without fame or big checks so many more people can live with cancer and not die from it.

So I make fun of your pitiful ratings Katie Couric, yet praise you for your efforts in fighting cancer, completely comfortable with the fact that I don’t get paid to write this stuff, and my audience quite frequently can fit on the landing of a small stairwell.

Hat tip to Drudge and CNSNews.com. Morrissey at Hot Air has more.

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  1. yellowlight
    yellowlight says:

    I agree she's a hack. But why bother to talk about her? She's irrelevant and why should we care about anything she says or thinks? I stopped reading the post and added this comment only cus I’m tired of “our side” getting our que's from the likes of Curic. As far as I’m interested she could perform an anatomical impossibility in Times Square and I couldn’t care less. Neither should anyone else. Save for her brain dead fans. She'll always have a few of them.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    LOL!  That's the point, yellowlight!  She has oh so very few of those brain dead fans!  She makes the cardinal mistake all so called celebrities make when they think they are "too big to fail:"  they reveal their true natures and alienate fans/viewers.  Perky Katie Couric, former cheerleader and now, aging talking head, queen of the puffball interview (for Democrats), just isn't smart enough to hide her biases enough to make her competitive with the other network "talent."   Recall her glee in ambushing Palin, then going on talk shows to rub it in.   I think I remember her wearing black after Bush was elected.  Both times, I believe.

    “Snark often functions as an enforcer of mediocrity and conformity. In its cozy knowingness, snark flatters you in assuming that you get the contemptuous joke. You’ve been admitted or re-admitted to a club, but it may be a club of the second rate.”

    Is "snark" a codeword for political correctness?  And "the club" being the Democrat party?

  3. Linda Mae
    Linda Mae says:

    She "won" a broadcasting award!? for her smear of Palin.  She was on Letterman the same night DeeDee Meyers was on Ferguson – different coasts – but both ridiculed Rush commenting on his black shirt.  Alinsky's Rules for Radicals #5: ridicule the speaker to neutralize the message.

    I remind those who make a cheap shot about Rush's "drug" use is that he became addicted by Oxycon – a drug which is highly addictive.  It's ruined many lives of innocent people. Obama in his book admits that he regrets that he partied too much in college:  drinking, drugs and parties.  He went out on the street purposely to buy drugs.  Rush was one of thousands hooked by a drug now considered dangerous.

  4. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    She's irrelevant NOW?  She stopped being relevant when she could no longer fit in her cheerleading outfit……in public.

  5. skepticalcynic
    skepticalcynic says:

    Linda Mae-

    I know this is heresy, but there are NO cheap shots when it comes to RL's drug use.  He made his own bed and talk so much crap about how weakwilled drug abusers are, he deserves every single sling and arrow tossed in his direction.  If you want to talk big, you better back it up and he failed miserably.

    • Linda Mae
      Linda Mae says:

      If Rush had bought the stuff off the street, I'd agree but it was given to him by a doctor. I know first hand how my cousin's wife suffered from her addiction to Oxycon.  There is supposedly an investigation to a cover up about letting the medical community – doctors learn about meds from their pharmaceutical reps – and the public know how dangerous it was.   Her life is ruined.  She embezzled, and did other things I can't mention.  She went to rehab and it worked for a while.  She broke her marriage.  The kids are hurting.  Tell me she was responsible for the evils that have hounded her after she took a med given to her by her doctor after back surgery.  She is a beautiful girl – absolutely wonderful – prior to the meds.  Another friend's son came home from the emergency room with a prescription for it but was able to see his family GP first thing in the morning..  His doctor strongly told him to throw the script away and warned that even one pill could start your ruination.

  6. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Hhmmm.  Katie is a news anchor?  Geez.  Last I heard of her she was on some morning show with a video of her getting a colonoscopy thing up her butt.  Irrelevent then.  Nothing new here.

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