July 4 Tea Party information

For those looking for Tea Party events in Connecticut this weekend, there are three scheduled on July 4 in Hartford, Norwich and Stratford.More information can be found at the Tea Party Patriots Web site, but here are some details.

Hartford July 4th Tea Party
Hartford, Connecticut
Saturday, July 4, 2009
Capitol Steps
210 Capitol Avenue
Dan Reale (organizer)
(860) 564-5798 (organizer phone)

Norwich July 4th Tea Party
Norwich, Connecticut
Saturday, July 4, 2009
Chelsea Parade
Washington Street
Jen (organizer)
(203) 679-0759 (organizer phone)

Stratford July 4th Tea Party
Stratford, Connecticut
Saturday, July 4, 2009
Boothe Memorial Park
Main Street Putney
Tanya Bachand (organizer)
(203) 679-0759 (organizer phone)

Malkin reminds us there are more than 600 Tea Parties scheduled in the near future.

In preparation for this weekends Tea Parties, here are my top 5 talking points that I think you should have ready for the media. (From a previous post on April 19.)

  1. The federal government has too much power. They are spending money they are not authorized to spend per the U.S. Constitution. This puts elected leaders at the federal level – especially those involved with appropriations – in very powerful positions. If your state wants federal dollars for a special project, you’re asked by your leaders to contribute to the political action committees and election funds for representatives and senators from other states. Example – Chris Dodd (D-Conn.). Congressional approval ratings are at 21 percent and 43 percent of voters think most members of Congress are corrupt.
  2. As the federal government provides funding for schools, brick crosswalks, entertainment centers and local police departments, the cities and towns get “hooked” on that funding and expect it – and more – in following years. Without the funding in the future, they suffer. A perfect example is Congress pulling funding for DC vouchers. Today, those families are learning the hard way; what the government gives, they can take away.
  3. If I told you just two year ago the federal government would be officially backing car warranties for GM – and GM would promote that fact in advertising – you’d think I was nuts.
  4. The federal government – and liberals – want to create a dependency on government. By providing funding for everything from education to health care to retirement, they enforce the nanny state; you need government to take care of you. Seat belt, helmet and trans-fat laws are good examples. By the way, you don’t need guns since the trained police have them and they will take care of you – that is their job.
  5. The government may not be able to take your guns away, but what they (liberals, schools, media…) do seem effective in doing is shaming Americans into thinking that our “gun culture” is a bad thing. As an example, I was at a retailer to buy ammunition for a training class. I had 20 boxes in my hand-held carrier in the check-out lane, and a boy – maybe 8 years of age – asked his dad what was in all the boxes. Dad did not answer, I did not answer. The store clerk lied to the kid. What does that tell you?

The TEA Parties must focus on bringing control and spending authority back to the states and communities. I’d even be fine with the government as a whole collecting the same amount of money (2008 levels) from taxpayers, but cut federal expenses to include only U.S. Constitution authorized spending. Then, drop federal taxes and let the states, cities and local towns jack up taxes to cover what they loose in federal dollars.

Government does not always have to do something is required reading for all conservatives who want to discuss/debate with others. Finally, ensure you read my series of articles titled Symptom of the Disease and the post that started off the series.

If you’ve got good or better ideas, post them in the comments section below.

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. Darlene
    Darlene says:

    Thanks for the talking points Steve. Honestly, the idea that people, the media and the government doesn't understand what the Tea Parties are about is disheartening to me. I have attended many tea parties. I call and email congressional and senate representatives. I have talked to neighbors and friends. And yet, all I seem to hear is "This is what the American people want." Well, I think its what our governments wants. They want us to surrender our personal choices, our individual achievement, our personal pride, our voice and finally our independence? Aren't these things the heart and soul of America?

  2. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Expect more interest to go up for the tea parties in the months ahead as the truth about run away spending gets out to more people.

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