Joe Scarborough rants for Romney: embrace your wealth and success

Hmmm .. says Joe, Don’t be ashamed of who you are.

In this rant, clearly built on frustration, Joe says embrace you past. Own it. But when Mika agreed, I wondered, would it be a mistake? Its all very good and passionate.

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  1. JBS
    JBS says:

    Joe makes a better case for electing Romney than, well, Romney.
    Even so, when is the media going to stop chasing these false flags that the Democrats are constantly throwing? The DNC and its surrogates are just floundering around telling any wild story they can think of ( . . . killed my wife . . . ), regardless of how stupid it sounds (HarryReid?), hoping something, something will stick (like I care about Romney’s tax returns?) to Romney. All the time hoping to heck no one in their tame media asks them any tough questions. (Where’s your college transcripts? Are you really a citizen of Indonesia? Did you go to college as a foreign exchange student? Why doesn’t Columbia have any record of you? How come none of your supposed classmates can remember you?) It’s all a smoke screen to keep the focus off of Obama’s utter failure as a president.
    Joe wants a raise, a horse and a new wife. Maybe not in that order.
    Mika sounds rehearsedly confused. Patronizing. She has heard this before.

  2. jjflynn
    jjflynn says:

    Hey glad to hear Joe may be finally coming out of his upper east side cocktail party coma! He actually appeared on Fox News in the past as a conservative before he went over to the dark side.

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