J Christian Adams Testifies, DOJ demonizes -Video “Bulls##t”

This is just an update. J. Christian Adams testified today before the US Commission on Civil Rights as the non partisan group began to investigate the DOJ’s dismissal of the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther party.

On trial is the DOJ itself, and you can read the background here. Today Adams told the Commission that attorneys who worked on the case were shocked when the case was dropped because it was such a slam dunk. So outraged was his boss, Christopher Coats, that Coates actually threw a memo that outlined the case, back in the face of his superiors, when he learned they had not even bothered to read it.


The DOJ has begun to demonize Adams, and my guess is Coates will be on the list too. Here’s the official response from DOJ.

The Justice Department claims it enforces voting rights laws equally. In a written statement last week, the department questioned the motives of Adams, now an attorney in Virginia and a blogger for Pajamas Media.

“It is not uncommon for attorneys with the department to have good faith disagreements about the appropriate course of action in a particular case, although it is regrettable when a former department attorney distorts the facts and makes baseless allegations to promote his or her agenda,” the statement said.

Assistant AG Tom Perez added this:

“At a minimum, without sufficient proof that New Black Panther Party or Malik Zulu Shabazz directed or controlled unlawful activities at the polls, or made speeches directed to immediately inciting or producing lawless action on Election Day, any attempt to bring suit against those parties based merely upon their alleged ‘approval’ or ‘endorsement’ of Minister King Samir Shabazz and Jackson’s activities would have likely failed,” he told the commission.

That statement is, of course, ridiculous.  The DOJ already had already won a default judgement last year. It could not have failed. It was already won.

This is even more shocking if what Adams said is true, that DOJ will ignore voting rights violations against white voters.

It’s not clear what the Commission can do, even if it finds the DOJ should have pursued the case, because it has no power to overturn decisions. But already one commission member has voiced outrage at DOJ, after hearing the testimony. At issue is the fact that the case was already won

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Wow!  Affirmative action for the courts and justice.  Who'da thunk it?  As King Samir Shabazz said at the polling place, "You are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker".  Great.  Apply the test: if a pair of white supremacists (the opposite numbers of the NBPs) did the exact same things, the "Justice" Department would be screaming for their heads.  It isn't less racist because a pair of black thugs are doing the repressing.


    I am only surprised that they are so blatant about it.  Of course, by observing this, I must be a raaaaacist.


    John Ashcroft must be laughing his butt off after the way he was treated by the lefties.  Holder should be in jail.



  2. winnie888
    winnie888 says:

    Hmmmm…wasn't there another instance when documentation wasn't read by those in the administration?  Wasn't it the whole AZ immigration law?  That little 10 pager?

    I have to wonder if anyone in Obama's administration is even literate…Maybe job descriptions should have included a disclaimer that "reading is fundamental" to this position…of course, the applicant or appointee probably wouldn't have read the disclaimer…

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      Add to that the healthcare "reform" bill, the "stimulus" bill, the Constitution……

  3. JollyRoger
    JollyRoger says:

    Barry didn't have any problem reading the Rolling Stone article- it was less than 10 pages!  PA is a fine place with lots of nice people, but this little king had better stay on South Street because they don't tolerate fools too well once you get north or west of Manayunk.  He would not last 10 minutes in any mixed neighborhood because nobody with any brains wants to relive the race riots.  I think this little king is basically Barack without the veneer, platitudes and window dressing. I hope they both go deer hunting with Dick Cheney!

  4. TomL
    TomL says:

    You have to admire a guy who quits his job in order to stand up for what he feels is right.

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