It’s Not Your Powder

Hold on to your wallets. Make no mistake, based on the rumblings over the last couple days, the Democrat Congress isn’t through spending … trying to stuff as much money into their porky mouths as is humanly possible … all under the guise of goosing the economy. So we can expect another stimulus package.

No it’s not their money and they do not care … which brings us to today’s Neil Cavuto moment. “It’s not your powder.”


I love it when the Democrats use the wor consensus. Facts do not matter. Consequences do not matter. Consensus (even though there is none in this case) … now that matters. I think this sound bite got me more riled than any I heard last night.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Steamroller socialism.  Damn the economic torpedoes (i.e. historical record), full steam ahead!

    Or is it a form of the campaign motto "(socialism) by any means necessary?"

  2. davis
    davis says:

    A bit of news from the Salt Lake Tribune, echoed by others (Phoenix Sentinel..): Sen. Bennet (R) is for earmarks. Sen. Hatch (R) sponsored 42 earmarks. Forty percent (40%) of all earmarks requested by Republicans.

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        Dittos!  A bad politician is a bad politician, regardless of party.  Make the next election a "bum's rush!"

      • Dimsdale
        Dimsdale says:

        I believe Obama had his name scrubbed off of a passel of earmarks prior to passage of the bill…

      • PatRiot
        PatRiot says:

        Ain't nothin' new here except that we, the people , are waking up.  $$ 88 trillion in unfunded liabilities ( outastanding loans, maxed out credit cards)  happened over 40 or 50 yrs of BOTH party's greed. Using our money to buy good will from us and the world.  Passing more budgets is insult to injury.  Waiting for the next election to push out, what 1/3 of them MAYBE, is not a real option. 

  3. joegore
    joegore says:

    Note that Rothman said that the consensus of "smart" opinion.    Wonder what the consensus of us normal people is?

    • PatRiot
      PatRiot says:

      Normal people say: Being in debt is failure.  Failing to uphold the Constitution is un-American.  Ignoring the voice of the people is dangerous.  Socialism (nationalizing banks, universal health care) never works – don’t go there.  Amnesty for illegal immigrants equals slavery.  Into a bad mortgage, investment – your problem, you fix it. Respect the 95% of us who believe in God.  Never give up your Rights, exercised or not. We must fix this, DC can’t or won’t.

  4. Scott Q
    Scott Q says:

    Throw them all out and start over with a strict interpretation of the Constitution . With one new amendment: Term limits   for representatives and senators.

    • Wayne SW
      Wayne SW says:

      Damn right Scott.

      I am sick of those snibling wimpy a$$ politicians saying that OUR Constitution is a living, breathing document.   Those written words have specific meaning and those self absorbed judges that legislate from the bench should be selectivley culled from service.

      It is "WE the PEOPLE"

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Scott: term limits and no pension (other than Social Security), no benefits, and work 50 weeks a year.

    I wonder if they consider the works of Shakespeare to be "living and breathing documents?"  Let 'em try to rewrite those and make them better before they monkey (cna I say that anymore?) with the Constitution, written by REAL men, not hacks like this bunch.

  6. davis
    davis says:

    I believe those REAL men also allowed for slavery (some even owned slaves, did they not?) and had a number of other beliefs that were amended (does that have anything to do with "living and breathing documents"?).

  7. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The process for amending the Constitution is laid out pretty clearly.  Read it for yourself (    I believe the Civil War and Civil Rights were victories by Republicans for America to append the Constitution so it actually dealt with, by eradicating, slavery, and adding women's voting rights, for example.

    Go and gather your Congressmen/women and amend it once again.   Don't rely on judges to do it for you.

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