It’s manufactured

If you’ve read my post on yesterday’s meeting and seen the pictures, then you already know these rallies are grass roots and spontaneous. Grandmothers, housewives, teenagers, gathering to make sure their voices are heard.

Earlier this week Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Austin, TX  faced his constituents and he didn’t much care for it. Were they loud? See for yourself below. But they are frustrated and they want to be heard.


Today Doggett was on with Wolf and once again made the claim that this was all a put up job by the Republican party. They have their theme and they are sticking with it, and the press is playing along. Dumb!

My favorite … he calls it health insurance reform. Health care … like global warming is down the memory hole.


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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Manufactured stories…..hmmm, now what word am I thinking of?  Wait, I have it!  PROPAGANDA!    Of course, community organizers are masters of propaganda and agitprop.


    In the true Josef Goebbels tradition, if you repeat a (manufactured) lie often enough, it becomes the "truth."

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