It’s everyone else’s fault, and, I have a plan

On Thursday, President Obama gave a speech at a Johnson Controls plant in Holland, Michigan.  You can find the full text of the speech here, but, let me summarize.

As the economy was improving and improving through 2009, 2010, the beginning of this year, suddenly it was hit with the unrest in the Middle East that helped send gas prices through the roof.  Europe is dealing with all sorts of financial turmoil that is lapping up on our shores.  Japan’s tragic earthquake hurt economies around the globe, including ours, cut off some supply chains that were very important to us. 


[u]nfortunately, what we’ve seen in Washington the last few months has been the worst kind of partisanship, the worst kind of gridlock –- and that gridlock has undermined public confidence and impeded our efforts to take the steps we need for our economy…it happened because Washington doesn’t have the capacity to come together and get things done.  It was a self-inflicted wound.

I can only assume that the President isn’t speaking about himself when he blasts Washington gridlock.

As to the Presiden’t plan, he simply repeats what he has told us for months.  We need to continue the payroll tax cut that has been in place for the past two years during which unemployment has increased.  We need to build more roads and bridges, and green energy (aka, Stimulus part II), when, under Stimulus part I, unemployment increased.  We need to streamline the patent process…how will that do anything meaningful to increase employment?  And, we need to pass the free trade agreements pending in Congress. 

On the last point, I wholeheartedly agree with the President.  However, what the President neglected to mention is that he will not submit implementing legislation for the free trade agreements unless Congress agress to pass a $2 billion per year “union slush fund”, something that Congress is unlikely to do.

Beyond that, here is what the President said about his plan.

And I’ll be laying out more proposals in the days ahead.

[a]nd over the coming weeks, I’m going to be putting out more proposals, week by week, that will help businesses hire and put people back to work.

On Friday, the President attended a hastily called (i.e., the CEO’s were given 2 days notice) meeting with CEO’s of 10 large corporations to seek their ideas, which sounds promising on the surface.  However, last year the administration held a meeting with CEO’s from the Business Roundtable to seek their ideas on growing the economy.  The CEO’s provided a 54 page list of items.

To the best of my knowledge, that list is languishing in a file cabinet somewhere…or worse.

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  1. cherwin
    cherwin says:

    Obama comes up with no ideas or plans of his own. He is like a bull pushing through the streets and destroying everything in his path. If you don’t agree with his agenda you and you are not playing his game, you are a lunatic, a nutcase, a dissenter, you are gridlocking votes, you are taking away from the people, you are playing games. etc. etc. and by the way, “None of this is my fault, I inherited this mess from the Republicans.”
    This isn’t going to end until he is out of the White House. Unfortunatley I think he will buy enough votes to get re-elected. If that happens, his long term agenda of destroying capitalism and government takeover of all aspects of our lives will?happen. Another four years and?we will be too far into it to ever turn it around. It’s all about take from the “rich” ie. people who work and have a desire to be productive citizens, and give to the “poor” ie. people who want what we have worked for without having to work for it and have no desire to be a?productive citizen. Health?care, foodstamps, monthly checks, debit cards, free this and free that and it goes on and on.
    The laughable piece of this is the so called “rich” are not the rich. The truly?rich have their money completely protected…

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Gridlock seems preferable to the disaster one party rule produced.
    ?bama is just hoping that the economy rebounds so he can claim credit for it.? Too bad he keeps pulling the rug out from under himself.

  3. crystal4
    crystal4 says:

    T Shirt of the year!
    I saw one with a picture of “W” laughing. It said “I screwed y’all…thanks for blaming it on the black guy”.

    • Dimsdale
      Dimsdale says:

      The facts don’t lie: ? took what W gave him and doubled the problem.? Of course, let us not forget the tender ministrations of the Democrat controlled Congress, a subject of an earlier post.
      A better T shirt would have been “Y’all elected who?” with W laughing.? Or better? “The world’s greatest empty suit: ?bama”

      • GdavidH
        GdavidH says:

        Obama campaign shirt…”We don’t need no stinking facts! We just get Obama stash!

        Vote Dem!??

  4. porschepete
    porschepete says:

    Yes this is from the”take the credit shift the blame”president. Blame never sloved one problem.
    This mantra is getting old.

  5. RoBrDona
    RoBrDona says:

    The O thrives on chaos and pain. He?needs it?so that he can exploit the hysteria and push forward his aggressive socialist policies. There is no economic/business/jobs policy, it is all smoke and mirrors. ?There never was a plan to build America back up, only to destroy what has worked and made us strong.?All in the name of addressing?the stale vomit?of?Progressive angst that the self-fulfilling victim-class (and the “colonized” little peebles) have been?dreadfully misused. It’s all about power, not governance, and?he loves it almost as much as he loves himself. ?

  6. TomL
    TomL says:

    SOS I have a disagreement with what you said about streamlining the patent process. That will create or save ?jobs in the patent office, but that would be public sector jobs so I guess you were right nothing meaningful there.

  7. TomL
    TomL says:

    The Bush tax cuts have been savaged by zero as unfunded tax cuts, aren’t payroll tax cuts unfunded tax cuts? Talking out of both sides of his mouth?

  8. NH-Jim
    NH-Jim says:

    “[a]nd over the coming weeks, I?m going to be putting out more proposals, week by week, that will help businesses hire and put people back to work.”
    Here’s a novel idea that will not take 54 pages to list but, just one:
    “Get out of the way”

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