It’s Empowering

Posting this because it just … well … it’s just so empowering.

Monica Crowley and Margaret Hoover on with O’Reilly last night to comment on Jennifer Aniston posing semi nude for GQ magazine. It’s empowering … but listen why it’s empowering … (hint: she’s turning 40 and divorced)


Here’s my question: would it be empowering if Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Jennifer Flowers did it. How about if their daughters did it (if they have daughters)? And is it only empowering because she’s 40? What if Brad were still with her … would it still be empowering. Personally, I think she looks great but … pretty stupid if you ask me. But that’s just me. Comments? Am I being too harsh?

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    So going buck naked on a magazine cover to essentially (pardon the expression) "hump" a movie is "empowering?"

    Gee, maybe Hillary should have entertained that thought during the primaries to counter Obama surfer boy images from Hawaii.

    Now that I said that, I am going to have my brain wiped to get rid of the imagery! (yes, I do remember the posed pix with Bill on the beach in Hawaii! Ick, ick, ick!)

  2. Rick - WH
    Rick - WH says:

    Oh Dimsdale – here we all thought that you would have liked the cover – but…then again, maybe the cover doesn't go far enough for you.

    Didn't Jennifer send you a personal autographed copy?

  3. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Rick: I never said I didn't LIKE it, just the "empowerment" issue is in doubt. It "empowered" me a bit, if you catch my drift…..

    I would be more "empowered" by Jolie than Aniston though, if I had my druthers. Which I don't. (damn!)

  4. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Let's give Jennifer a salute….we should all rise up and show our appreciation to one of God's natrual wonders of the world.

    The selection of the "tie" used is concerning to me…….correct me if I am wrong, aren't narrow ties the current trend? Or was the wide one slected for this "tie" spread? Perhaps this "tie" controversy would go away if the photo's were done over, minus the tie.

    It never occured to me "ties" could be so empowering…..must be a metrosexual thing.

    The age of the "tie" is irrelevant. Near 40, at 40, whatever…..the "tie" did what it was suppose to do.

  5. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    Maybe we should be allowed to see a side by side comparison of a tie, and tie-less picture, or maybe a few, so we can judge.

    I am not touching the whole "salute" thing…..

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