It’s Bush’s Fault … again and again and again

But of course it is. One sure way to determine the state of the Obama Aministration’s policies is by the thickness of it’s political skin. Fun to watch because Gibbs gets sooooooo irritated.

At today’s WHPB CBS reporter Chip Reid I believe,  asked Robert Gibbs to explain why things seem to be getting worse since the President announced his new strategy (increased troop levels, unmanned drones in Pakistan, and taking the fight to the poppy farmers as well as AQ) for Afghanistan.

Gibbs response grew testiier by the minute … but it didn’t take long to blame the whole thing on George Bush.


The Bush administration hardly ignored Afghanistan. Did it concentrate more heavily on Iraq? Of course. AQ itself declared Iraq central in the war on terror and the change in strategy there, namely the troop surge, has given Iraq the chance to stand on its feet and Obama the chance to withdraw troops according to his timetable. If Afghanistan today is Bush’s fault, is the gradual pacification of Iraq Bush’s victory. Not if you lisen to Obama.

And while we are at it, under President Bush, Afghanistan was able to establish a democratic government, build schools and hospitals, and at least set Afghanistan on a course of stability … albeit not perfect. It is under the Obama administration that things seem to be unraveling. I am not willing to blame that on Obama. War theaters change with time. But just as I am not willing to blame current circumstances on Obama, neither should his henchmen continue to blame everything on President Bush, as they are wont to do, when things go sour.

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  1. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    The Taliban and AQ are laughing their butts off because 1) the Obamateur knows nothing about waging war, and overrides the decisions of those who do, and 2) they know they have a rank tyro, an inexperienced newbie and "we can turn them around by diplomacy" wonk in the office of the president.  Why do you think they supported him?

  2. donh
    donh says:

    The problem for Obama in blaming Bush is that most people already ranked Bush among the worst presidents to ever serve in the office before Obama came into power. He is not telling us anything that we don't already know. The question is why on earth would any president want to be 10 times worse than Bush? Another question is given how poorly Bush governed, why is it so hard for Obama to do any better?

  3. JoeyMac
    JoeyMac says:

    This is addressed to Dohn. Ease up on the drive-by Kool-aid, dude. George Bush did more for this country than you and your lib friends will ever know or appreciate!!!

    Oh and by the way, at LEAST he is a real American!

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