Is The Porkapalooza In Trouble? Update – Yes

Update: Since I filed this post late last night … the tide continues to turn. H/T Powerline:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 37% favor the legislation, 43% are opposed, and 20% are not sure. Two weeks ago, 45% supported the plan. Last week, 42% supported it. Opposition has grown from 34% two weeks ago to 39% last week and 43% today.

We now return you to the rest of last night’s post.

It would appear that way based in part on printed reports. in part on statements from Democrats (who, by the way, have stopped defending ATVs, STDs and Honey Bees as stimulus), in part from economists themselves who have pulled support.

Clinton economic adviser Alice Rivlin made the same point in testimony before the House Budget Committee. Her message: Divide up the package and slow down the process.

and in part based on public opinion polls …

WASHINGTON — Americans overwhelmingly want Congress to pass an economic stimulus bill, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, but expectations are low that it will help their families or turn the economy around this year.

Two-thirds of those surveyed predict that Obama’s package of tax cuts and new spending would boost the nation’s economy, at least by a little. When it comes to their own family finances, though, half say it either would have no effect or even make things worse.

The poll is actually worse than that for Democrats when its broken down:

Only 38 percent of those polled favored the existing stimulus proposal, down from a slight majority holding that view in the Jan. 28 Gallup survey. Thirty-seven percent want major changes and 17 percent reject the plan outright.

Here’s video of part of Carl Cameron’s report tonight. It starts with a Democrat Senator Patty Murray (Washington State, where else?) trying to stuff more pork into the plan … but she gets stuffed.


It’s no wonder Reid is calling off the dogs.

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  1. Wayne SW
    Wayne SW says:

    Obama  is under pressure.  It seems that his Socialsim plans are being derailed as accountability is become an important part of his real world reality check.

    When Obama's Stimulus Plan is defeated in the Senate, I declare Obama is now a Lame Duck President.  Even his Axis of Evil (aka: DEM/LIB/MSM) won't be able to save.  Extend George Bush's Tax cuts which are set to expire in 2010 and get out of the way.  Write another Memoir, call it "How I Fooled Americans to get Elected President"

  2. Scott Q
    Scott Q says:

    You have to wonder if people in the 1930's had this much public knowledge of what Roosevelt's New Deal program was going to include if it would have been trimmed down or for that matter defeated. … But be aware of the age old bait and switch ,, offering all these porky things just to let the GOP have their day and look good just to have some of the bigger socialistic parts of the bill pass.

  3. John P
    John P says:

    Say your in debt. Not only are you unable to repay your debts, but the future looks really bad for you financially.

    Would any sane person or business plan to SPEND their way out of their financial problems? This is precisely what the Federal Government is planning to do.

    With this type of logic, we are not likely to see an economic recovery anytime soon.

  4. Rick-WH
    Rick-WH says:

    It so breaks my heart (not) that the Porkapalooza is in such big trouble.

    What was it that Mel Allen used to say when broadcasting the Yankees?

    It is going, going, it is…..wait a minute, these are the Democrats.

    They will pass something big and porky anyway, even if no one wants it.

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