Word of the day. Scarborough rips the MSM a new one. It is really worth the watch … I only wish I had caught it this morning. I will play it over and over tomorrow. Good Lord … Barnicle sounds like an ass! Karma, my dear friends, karma. From Newsbusters via Hotair. Click the picture to watch.

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    MSM – proud fellow travelers with the corrupt and avaricious. Is it any wonder they have lost credibility?

  2. claudia kehrhahn
    claudia kehrhahn says:

    Hi, Jim!

    As you are, I too, am logical and practical.

    Buy the shotgun. (My dad, now retired, had a gun shop for years). Why?

    1. Fine shot guns appreciate. It's an investment.

    2. Plus, if the economy gets worse, you might be needin' to shoot some food. 🙂

    My husband and I enjoy your show and thoughts.
    Thanks for being our voice of reason.


  3. Peter Seddon
    Peter Seddon says:

    Bows are great for 3D shoots. If I had the time I would take up archery and 3D shoots. It is better than golf(which I never played).
    Of course you can't go wrong with a shotgun.
    Keep up the great shows with in depth money talk. I work graveyards and often stay up for a while to listen to your show.

  4. scott
    scott says:

    Let's hope this lone voice of fairness in the forest of liberals is not banished for speaking the truth. They had 2 of their own put down during the election. It is ashame he doesn't live in CT. we could put him up for the senate seat that should be vacated if someone was man enough to resign.

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