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Obama’s teleprompter looks for recognition

With all of the serious economic issues of the day, you’ve got to admit that some of the Obama teleprompter stuff has been pretty funny the past couple of weeks. It all started back in September with the team at Iowahawk releasing the video introducing us to the plate of glass. People have been asking […]


Revenge of the Teleprompter Part Deux

Because you just can’t make this stuff up … from Sky News Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen was just a few paragraphs into an address in Washington when he realised it all sounded a bit too familiar. It was. He was repeating the speech President Barack Obama had just read from the same teleprompter. Cowen stopped, turned […]


Revenge Of The Teleprompter

Try this on for size: From IowaHawk (via Instapundit) “Hey “O”. this is your crutch … meet my demands or I just may fizz out on you again … and you know what happens when that happens.” Funniest movie I have seen thus far on Obamamania. Click to watch. Memo to Saturday Night Live et […]


New York Times Dives Deep Into Teleprompter News

Let’s talk about politicians and how the main stream media treats them for a moment or two. Obama has made some gaffes in front of big audiences and so has McCain. Obama is clearly very comfortable with a teleprompter and McCain is not. In general, Bush 42 is not comfortable in front of an audience […]


Most watched videos in 2010

I was intrigued by Steve’s post on which of the posts were most viewed in 2010, so I thought I would add to the fun. Below the fold you can see the top 11 most viewed videos on our blog this year based on You Tube views. You might be surprised.