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Word has it Lieberman will not run for Senate in 2012

Kevin Rennie’s posted news this afternoon indicating Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) will not run for re-election in 2012. Earlier today, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz announced she would be running for the seat as a Democrat in 2012. Linda McMahon still may be in for the next round, and Peter Schiff is still interested. Still, […]


Charges of Racism, past and present.

If I asked you to name a politician who has been accused “Hitlerite racism,” who would you name? David Duke, perhaps? Nope. (Hat tip, Kevin Rennie) Try “Jimmy Carter.” “Carter incensed Jackson during his 1976 presidential campaign when the former Georgia governor declared “there’s nothing wrong with ethnic purity being maintained” in a neighborhood. It […]


Dodd Man Walking?* Video

Kevin Rennie takes another look at Chris Dodd’s Irish Country Cottage and his conveniently vague and incomplete answers. After fist denying, than admitting, than blaming Treasury (W apparently wasn’t available) for that AIG Bonus Loophole he authored … Rennie says he’s being less than honest about the value of his Irish Ranchero too, and who […]


Dodd … Stand By Your Friends

Chris Dodd is coming out but the answers still ring hollow. Connecticut’s senior senator tells Channel 3’s Dennis House: Hey, Countrywide’s Robert Feinberg’s lying … no sweetheart mortgage deal No I will not release my mortgage papers … everyone already saw em … for a day The Irish cottage thing … hey the appraisal said […]


Something’s rotten on the Irish Coast

The more I look at Dodd’s Irish cottage, what with the 12 waterfront acres and the bargain price, the less that makes sense.  Having explored the price of real estate in the Emerald Isle a few years back (admittedly at the top of the market), 12 acres on the waterfront should have commanded a king’s […]


Dodd’s Country Cottage – Update

Well … thanks to Kevin Rennie we have a better idea of what Dodd’s Irish cottage looks like … hmmm … 200,000 … while condos go for three times that … Make sure you go to real time investigations for more on changes that need to be made in Senate disclosure rules. Note that Dodd […]


Dems to Media: Leave Dodd Be … Move Along

Dennis House interviewed the Connecticut Chair of the Democratic Committee on Face The State. The short hand version is in the post title. Nothing to see here … move long. httpv:// This might be what she hopes, but not likely. Flashing mortgage papers in front of reporters who likely know as much about finance as […]