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Obama appoints a new Czar…er Czarina, courtesy of Senator Dodd

A piece of the Dodd-Frank “Financial Reform” bill recently signed into law creates a new Bureau of Consumer Protection.   No one is really sure what this new “bureau” will do that isn’t already being done by several other bureaus, or agencies, or sections, or departments, but we now have this nifty new, and yes, costly, […]


Dodd/Frank financial reform…haste makes confusion

The recently enacted Financial Reform bill, brought to us chiefly through the efforts of Senator Dodd (D. Ct.) and Congressman Frank (D. Ma.), was, like much of the handiwork of this Congress, passed in haste. Remember, something had to be done immediately so that we never have another financial meltdown like we just had?  This […]


The Dodd Financial Bill: Thursday on the Jim Vicevich Show

Your calls plus … David John from The Heritage Foundation. John is the Senior Research Fellow in Retirement Security and Financial Markets. Listen here tomorrow. David John is one of five experts who “exert more influence” on the Social Security debate than anyone else in Washington – and he is The Heritage Foundation’s lead analyst […]


Dodd makes JW’s Top 10 corrupt politicians

Judicial Watch has come out with its list of the Top 10 most corrupt politicians. Not many surprises although I guess taking payoff money for Nebraska doesn’t count. H/T to Hotair for the leg work. Read Ed’s take. Pretty good. Chris Dodd is number one on the list … unfortunately, it’s alphabetical. 1. Senator Christopher Dodd […]


Dodd: We Senators are kinda like war heroes.

Last week we posted Newt Gingrich’s speech where he called on Americans not to give up the fight to stop an out of control expanding government. Don’t tell me you’re tired, he said, not when Washington’s troops kept fighting in the snow, even when they had no shoes.


Dodd got $100 million hospital deal to help win campaign?

That’s what Ceci Connolly figures when interviewed by Greta Van Susteren over on Fox News earlier tonight. I’m not sure a $100 million hospital deal – if the cash and hospital will even end up in Connecticut – would help with Sen. Chris Dodd’s election. What do you think? Hat tip to Jim Hoft over […]