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The Caterpillar Flap Continues

It began with a statement by Obama yesterday, when he told reporters that the CEO of Caterpillar would hire back laid off workers as soon as the stimulus passed … and followed with a statement by the CEO of Caterpillar that … well no … he still would likely have to layoff more people. It’s […]


Why jobs leave this country…or return

On Friday, Caterpillar announced the closing of a locomotive plant in Ontario, Canada.  The plant had been the site of a weeks long lockout over wages and benefits.  To remain competitive with the likes of General Electric, Caterpillar wanted concessions, but the Canadian Auto Workers union refused.


Obamacare…more unintended consequences

We’ve already explained Obama’s promise that “you can keep your private health insurance if you like it” is pure rubbish.  But, you say, what if I have insurance provided by my employer?  Surely, I can keep that, can’t I?  For most Americans the answer will be a resounding no.  And here’s why. Obamacare requires that all employers with 50 […]


Henry Waxman and fellow Democrats are shocked!

Henry Waxman (D. Ca.) and other House Democrats intend to haul the CEO’s of several major companies before Congress on April 21 , and demand explanations about recent disclosures by those corporations concerning the true costs of Obamacare.  Actually, the true cost of Obamacare to these corporations is sizable, but that apparently was supposed to be kept a secret. […]


Interrogation memos released – PDF scans available

I do not have time to review these right now, but my guess is that nothing will send shock waves through the media or anywhere else for that matter. Personally, I hope that the current administration would use these techniques if needed. Again, they are extreme measures, not torture. The intelligence community is certainly not […]



Uh Oh … remember when President Obama touted his stimulus package as a job saver He even traveled to East Peoria to make Caterpillar the poster child of saved or retained jobs … remember? httpv:// Now we get this from Reuters … Caterpillar Inc, the world’s largest maker of construction and mining equipment, notified an additional […]