Illinois real estate agents trying to “ensure safety” after concealed carry becomes law

You tell me. Is there a mental disorder here? Illinois passes legislation allowing law-abiding citizens to apply for state permits and carry a firearm concealed for personal protection. All of a sudden, we have real estate agents in a quandary trying to figure out how to handle this huge conundrum. From the Chicago Tribune.

The Illinois Association of Realtors late last week issued a consent form that real estate firms and their agents can present, if they choose, to sellers so homeowners can make it clear whether they would allow a potential buyer with a concealed firearm inside their property. If a seller decides to prohibit it, an agent would put the state-authorized sign,  a drawing of a black gun with a red circle and line through it, outside the home during all showings and open houses.

Of course, there was no issue or consent form required before – when people who were illegally carrying concealed, walked through properties – but now that law-abiding citizens have gone through all the hoops required to get a permit, they have a problem that needs to be solved.

  • Is there a consent form for potential buyers who do not have a concealed carry permit?
  • How the heck are the brokers going to know if the person is legally (or illegally) carrying concealed?

More, with my emphasis in bold.

“Our offices, as a whole, we’d prefer people not come in with guns, especially if they’re having a bad transaction, if we’re showing them in our cars, and our sellers, our homeowners, would probably prefer people aren’t coming into their homes with weapons,” said John Matthews, managing broker of Baird & Warner, Oak Park.

However, he added, “If someone was coming in to do bad deeds, they could care less if the concealed carry sign was there or not. if it’s a comfort level for agents and homeowners, I would say put the sign out.”

Those people who are more comfortable because there is a sign up need to speak with a mental health professional.



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  1. scheidel21
    scheidel21 says:

    Good to see you post, I hope Jim is feeling better. ?To address the “meat” of the post. It is insane, but he’s correct if it gives them peace of mind so be it. Most people react very emotionally and don’t step back to actually think about something. Concealed carry was illegal so out of site out of mind, no one thought about the fact that Joe Blow gangster was packing concealed illegally with an illegal firearm. But now that it’s legal to conceal carry people that are afraid of guns are going to be afraid that anyone might be legally carrying, simply because they are afraid of guns and it’s in the forefront of their minds.
    It’s the same as ?Gun free zones, the majority like 98% of any law abiding citizen that would carry in a gun free zone would never do harm. And anyone that had the intention of harm doesn’t care squat that it’s a gun free zone. I’m waiting for one day where someone legally allowed to carry is breaking the Gun free zone law and they stop someone doing some atrocity like a mass shooting. I’d like to see the person heralded, but somehow I see them as being derided due to carrying in a no carry zone. But maybe it might change what some people though about gun free zones, if it…

  2. ricbee
    ricbee says:

    I’d certainly ignore that sign…the only reason they’d see my gun was if I had to use it.

  3. bien-pensant
    bien-pensant says:

    This sounds unconstitutional. If a couple of those realtors get sued for infringing the buyers rights, this whole thing will become just so much wasted paper.
    Let one of these realtors lose a sale because of this leftist gun-banning garbage, and the tune will change.
    If a person legally carrying saves a realtor from harm, especially while showing a property, that will be priceless.

    • scheidel21
      scheidel21 says:

      I don’t think it’s unconstitutional, it’s private property. Although I agree someone legally carrying saving a realtor’s life, particularly one that’s uncomfortable with conceal carry, would be priceless.

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