Illinois bank allows employees to carry at work

I have no issue with law-abiding citizens carrying a firearm to protect themselves and their family. I also think it’s ridiculous, “feel good” policy to draw imaginary lines – state borders, parking lots, parks, schools or at work – taking away that option from those who can legally carry everywhere else. That said…

There is a level of responsibility involved when you make the decision to carry a firearm for protection. I think that responsibility includes training. Let’s keep that in mind when we read articles like this.

A bank in Marion is taking extra measures to protect customers and employees. Employees at South Porte Bank are armed in case of an intruder.

South Porte Bank in Marion has been on Court Street since 2012. It’s never been robbed and CEO and president Travis Clem hopes to keep it that way.

“I hope it never happens. I hope there’s never a story on us having to use a firearm in this bank,” says Clem.

Since no one can predict the future, Clem wants his employees to feel safe. Once the concealed carry law was passed, the bank took action.

“From the very beginning, to be honest we had some staff in this bank that was armed. We decided to change our strategy to make it a little more public now,” he explains.

The bank is currently sitting on very tight surveillance all around the perimeter and inside the bank. And there are signs let intruders know they’re packing.

Mentioned in the article is the following.

The President and CEO of Legions Bank in Eldorado says one of their branches was robbed back in 2000. His employees are also allowed to be armed. And he makes sure all of his workers are trained for life threatening situations.

“We take security very serious and we want to protect our customers and employees. And we have ongoing training for our employees all the time,” says Kevin Beckemeyer [the CEO].

The NRA Basic Pistol course is not a concealed carry course or a self-defense course. It certainly may be the only course mandated by many states – including Connecticut – to get your permit to carry, but you need more. I am not mandating state-required training. Common sense does not need to be mandated. The training you may need will vary depending on your situation and where you plan to carry your gun. The variables are unending. Mandated, standardized government training is absolutely ridiculous.

If you plan to carry, please don’t just drop your gun into your purse. Don’t strap on a cheap fabric holster and jam that gun in there. Training takes place in specific steps and there are many instructors – including myself – that can get you started in the right direction.

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