Illegal Aliens Included in Stimulus Package

Update (31 Jan): They are now saying that there is or will be language in the bill that specifically excludes illegal aliens from getting checks. If they can somehow know who not to send checks to, I guess these criminals don’t need to come out of the shadows. It also indicates we know who they are, can go to them and ask them to go home…

You’ve got to be kidding me. Although the so-called stimulus packaged passed by the House yesterday does not specifically include illegal aliens in the payout, it does not exclude them either.

Michelle Malkin and Border Fire Report has comments released by Rep. Tom Tancredo.

Tancredo Assails Stimulus Package “Giveaway” to Illegal Aliens
Bill would dole out millions of dollars to illegals

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) today criticized the tax package passed by the Tom Tancredo Democrat-controlled Congress as a giveaway to illegal aliens. The package, among other shortcomings, would direct the Internal Revenue Service to issue checks of up to $600 to individuals and $1,200 to married couples, as well as rebates for any children. The legislation does not, however, contain any provision barring illegal aliens from taking advantage of these benefits.

“This package will stimulate one thing for certain: more illegal immigration,” said Tancredo. “It’s just the latest unfortunate example of American workers footing the bill for illegal aliens.”

The bill would allow so-called “Resident Aliens” to receive rebate checks. The Treasury department classifies someone as a “Resident Alien” based on how much time that person has spent in the United States. No proof of legal presence, however, is required. The IRS’ explanation of the term can be found [here].

“Worse, a large portion of this money will just be sent back to the home countries of illegal aliens,” concluded Tancredo. “So it might stimulate someone’s economy – just not ours.”

The bill was considered under a procedure in the House of Representatives that did not allow for any opportunity to amend the bill to restrict payments to illegal aliens.

This is simply election year politics at it’s worst. It’s not as bad as the absolute flood of money that was stolen out of our pockets after 9/11 in the name of national security, but this rebate is just taking water from the deep end of the pool and putting it in the shallow end.

Walter Williams referred to this analogy spoken by Russell Roberts recently. The full column is a must read.

There are three ways government can get the money for a stimulus package. It can tax, borrow or inflate the currency by printing money. If government taxes to hand out money, one person is stimulated at the expense of another who pays the tax, who is unstimulated and has less money to spend. If government borrows the money, it’s the same story. This time the unstimulated person is the lender who has less money to spend. If government prints money, creditors, and then everyone else, are unstimulated. As my colleague Russell Roberts said in a NPR broadcast, “It’s like taking a bucket of water from the deep end of a pool and dumping it into the shallow end. Funny thing — the water in the shallow end doesn’t get any deeper.”

Where do people think this money is going to come from?

I’ll be the first person to cash my check, but I’m one of those taxpayers that actually pay taxes. Since the checks are being sent to “taxpayers” that did not pay any federal tax, the definition of those checks would be federal welfare.

On top of that, if you make more than$150k as a couple you’re out. You get nothing. You’re rich. You’re help in stimulating the economy is not needed. Nice.

Do people get this? By limiting the stimulus to a “targeted group” they are admitting that this is not an economic stimulus, but just a feel good measure. See, Washington is doing something! Feel-good politics at its worst. I feel your pain, and I’m going to give you money.

Welcome to socialism.