I will protect my son

So it has come to this in America. When a father, concerned about his son, dares to confront his Congressman, becomes subject to death threats on himself, his wife and his son.

The video below is from yesterday afternoon’s Fox broadcast. Mike Sola explains why he confronted Michigan Congressman John Dingell. He was worried, upset and he wanted answers. He also wanted assurances his son would get care. When Dingell promises to put a clause in specifically for his son, Sola isn’t buying it. First the confrontation.


Now Sola is getting threats … and he’s pushing back.


We have heard repeatedly that Congressmen fear for their lives. But when it comes to pushing back against the left, they make no secret of the fact no citizen is above attack. Hope and Change my little mobsters.

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  1. TomTGRWolcott
    TomTGRWolcott says:

    Has it come to this? Where Senators, State Representatives now feel that we as everyday hard working, tax paying Americans are now going to be threatened on an individual basis to submit and just accept what it is that President Obama and the Democratic party want to force upon the American People…trouble is brewing and I wonder how far it will go….these are scary times for we the American People of the United States of America.

  2. Dimsdale
    Dimsdale says:

    If I lived near him, I would offer my services as a nightwatchman, and take turns with others to ensure his safety and his free voice.


    I see it all the time: Democrats are gutless vandals.   They will key your car if it has a Republican bumper sticker, bombard you with anonymous email death threats, attack you as one of the media's faceless "some say…." crowd.


    Obama and his socialist policies are going to split this country down the middle, and naturally, his opponents will be called racists for opposing his desire to steamroll through his legislative schemes, and dismantle the capitalism that made this country great.

  3. Tim McKee
    Tim McKee says:

    I think it is sad as well that he thinks his son would not be taken care of,, even under "government health care",, telling your audience or implying cebral palsy would not be covered.. exploitive at the max

  4. Anne-EH
    Anne-EH says:

    Sadly, we are seeing as PUSHBACK has started against Obamacare, look for the PBO White House and those who are supporting him to go to war against everyday Americans such as this gentleman who is simply is looking after his son's best interest.

  5. Freiheit
    Freiheit says:

    This is the type of behavior which began in a similar manner in Germany. Anyone with the temerity to challenge or criticize anyone in the leadership would be visited in the quiet of the night, their homes trashed, family beaten, their lives threatened, and all the while the leadership of the movement would denounce the terrorist activities of the opposition. In that environment, those who were not for us were enemies to be eliminated, and they found that when those voices were silenced violently others who might have spoken up were intimidated and remained silent. Soon it was too late to say or do anything; the power did not reside in the people but rather with the brown shirts and the secret police. People simply began to vanish, and if inquiries were made sometimes those who asked about missing friends and neighbors also disappeared.

    The assets of those who vanished were quietly seized by the government and distributed to the faithful. The young were encouraged to “snitch” on those who expressed any dissatisfaction, rather like sending someone’s name to the White House today. As lists were compiled, orders were issued; entire groups were arrested and sent to labor (or reeducation) camps, eventually those camps became death camps as pretences were no longer required to justify the actions of the leadership.

    So what have we seen so far?

    – midnight visitation by “purple shirts” – different color same process

    – seizure of individual assets, already being authorized in proposed legislation

    – eradication of national debt by seizing the contents of 401k’s – the hearings have already been held on this topic – Ms Pelosi remarked that pursuing this option would not cost them (Congress) anything since no new taxes would be required

    – criticism of the leader (the President) is equated with disloyalty – called a hate crime, which is punishable with long punitive prison sentences (so much for 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech)

    – concerted efforts to seize all privately owned firearms – through punitive regulatory taxation, ammunition taxes, discussions of how to declare Martial Law to facilitate the confiscation (de facto elimination of the 2nd Amendment)

    – use of para-military national police in lieu of military (since the military will be sent overseas to prevent any possibility of a man on a white horse coming forward to offer leadership to the opposition) – actions to make the TSA a uniformed nationwide force present in all municipalities are already underway

    – establishment of education and indoctrination camps – bill already passed into law to bring the youth of the nation into such camps (can you read the possibilities here – ala Hitler Youth or Soviet Young Pioneers?)

    We live in interesting times. History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, then as a travesty. We have entered into a very dangerous time in history, that of travesty, millions died the first time, how many shall have to die this time? The choice is yours, in a representative Republic; the people have the ultimate power which is expressed through their continual involvement in the process. Any other course of action leads us to Jefferson’s advocacy of periodic revolution in order to maintain their liberty and freedoms.

  6. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    @Freiheit. Really? This is where we are at vis-a-vis health care? Are we really going  follow along the path of what Germany did in the 1930s (that is 80 years ago)? Whoa, you spend a lot of time on spinning things out-of-control (in a different universe).

  7. sammy22
    sammy22 says:

    Way to go Ann-EH!! Like we don't have enough troubles. Sounds like Malcom X in the 60's: how did that work out?

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